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Buy Supermicro Servers

See why Supermicro servers and solutions are powering businesses and enterprises across all industries. Our long-term partnership with Supermicro gives you first-to-market access to the latest innovations, the widest range of server products, components, the most optimized designs, and the best price/performance ratio.

buy supermicro servers


Supermicro Ultra SuperServers are built for performance, security, and scalability. With 1U and 2U rackmount server designs, these servers are perfect for the data center whether your needs revolve around edge computing, big data, or other HPC needs.

Supermicro Twin servers come in a modular design that provides easy customization and superior product flexibility. Twin servers are optimized for applications in Hyperscale, hyper-converged infrastructure, HPC, data centers, enterprise, and big data.

Supermicro Blade servers provide more space-to-computing-power than their traditional rack counterparts. The Blade server chassis also simplifies deployment and maintenance with features like unified network cables and modular construction.

Supermicro Storage servers provide a balance of performance, capacity, scalability, and cost to fit your budget. Our solutions cover a variety of storage configurations, including DAS, NAS, SAN, JBOD, storage servers, and software-defined storage solutions.

Servers Direct offers lower prices and the fastest lead times on custom built servers from leading manufacturers like Supermicro and Intel, and key component suppliers like Micron, Seagate, Western Digital, AMD, NVIDIA, and more.

Green computing saves your business money while saving the environment. How? Most green computing strategies are centered around saving resources, such as those needed to cool and power server farms. Supermicro servers leverage tactics like disaggregated server architecture, free-air cooling, pooled resources, and state-of-the-art rack scale design to drive down consumption and costs in the process.

Supermicro continues to innovate the server industry. Advances in disaggregated server architecture make it possible to incrementally update servers by allowing system architects to replace individual components while keeping others like fans, and power supplies. In addition, updates to processors have resulted in gains of 10-15% in performance over the last few years. These advances have led to improvements in customer experience while simultaneously driving down costs.

HAPPYWARE offers you a large selection of Supermicro servers, which we optimally adapt to your requirements. By using our Supermicro Server configurator, you can quickly build Supermicro Servers and buy them online!

Supermicro 1U servers represent the lowest high unit: For example, the SuperServer 1029TP-DTR already offers two server nodes with two Intel Xeon Scalable processors, each with up to 28 cores, despite the small form factor. Supermicro Xeon servers accommodate a multitude of CPU cores in the tiny 1U Rackmount format. The way to a supercomputer in a single 19-inch rack is not far away.

The best-known Internet platforms worldwide rely on Supermicro servers with Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc processors. Supermicro systems form the technical backbone of large online shops, social networks, international financial markets, and popular search engines.

The smart Supermicro solutions can not only be used in large server racks: Quiet and economic Supermicro Tower servers can also be used without any server rooms in small offices and business premises and are particularly popular with SMEs.

Already curious? Use our Supermicro Server Configurator to put together perfectly suitable servers for your projects. With just a few clicks and without extensive background knowledge, you can configure your Supermicro servers as quickly as possible without having to worry about compatible components. Should you have any questions or require detailed advice, our experts are ready to help.

Buy SuperMicro servers with high-end configurations and super storage at the server basket online store at cheap prices. We present you the excellent high end SuperMicro servers supported with new Intel Xeon scalable processors delivering the high level of quality performance to HPC, enterprise, cloud, data center, and high-end server applications. We are authorized local resellers and distributors of SuperMicro servers offering guaranteed warranty and technical support. Visit our website to find an exclusive range of genuine SuperMicro servers at the lowest prices.

we present you an amazing option to configure your own SuperMicro servers relevant to your business workloads. You can design customized CPU, Memory and hard drive configurations to offer high end flexible and scalable SuperMicro server to your organization. Our comprehensive range of rack, tower and blade workstations features superior product design and supreme performance with efficiency. Choose your server to configure and quote to meet your exact specifications. We help you to customize your SuperMicro servers to find a cost-optimized ideal solution.

We offer great deals on SuperMicro Barebone servers, offering 100% genuine products at the lowest prices. Our genuine SuperMicro Barebone servers are equipped with the latest generation Intel Xeon processors, high-end memory slots, PCI slots, and huge power supply amenities. SuperMicro barebone servers are maximum benefiting with uncompromising quality control, storage systems offering maximum productivity even to large enterprises.

We present your ultimate chassis designs of SuperMicro servers, making it the leader in chassis design. More than 20+ chassis types are available on our website including SC815, SC825, SC836, SC847, SC732, SC946 Series with distinct features like high-density top-loading storage, 100% cooling redundancy, high reliability, scalable storage, 1u,2u, 3u, and 4u mid-tower workstation chassis, flexible expansion slots and UIO support. The latest chassis designs are optimized for high-end x86 processors, equipped with hotplug heavy-duty fans, fan speed controls, and revolutionary designs to give 100% airflow redundancy.

We provide a huge selection of spare kits and accessories options to your SuperMicro servers, including customized spare parts. We have huge bundles of spares in stock and ready to dispatch. Our wide range of spares includes PC3 memory option, dual fans, redundant power supplies, NVRAM PCI interface adapter, ATX 450W switching power supply, SATA based system, 16 slots SAS/SATA USB and Backplane and many more.

Which type of server is most suitable for you, depends on the type of hardware and the applications that you have in mind. Each industry or sector demands a specific kind of server. That is why some servers are excellent solutions for virtualization, storage, data management, GPU or as a web server.

Although Supermicro provides already top quality, this brand still aims for absolute perfection regarding technology. The patented Twin servers and advanced blade servers are great examples of this sophistication. After all, a Supermicro server offers some remarkable advantages.

Depending on the scope of your professional endeavors, you will need servers of different sizes. Our 1U servers, built by Supermicro in California, are the smallest and cheapest servers in our product range.

Performance per watt. That is where Supermicro 1U servers stand out from the crowd. With Supermicro servers, power consumption remains low while performance rates keep up to or even surpass those of competing servers. A high-efficiency 1U server system allows you to save up to 32 watts, or 425 euros per node over a 4-year period. Details can be found here. Most of our servers are 80 PLUS certified.

We also purchase A Series, Barebone Series, 370DLR servers and many others. We offer fair prices in accordance with current market values, immediate pay and fast and efficient removal of the equipment.

Call Liquid Technology today at 1-800-797-5478 to sell your used Supermicro servers and other related network hardware or use our online quote request form to have one of our specialists contact you promptly with a free quote for your surplus equipment.

Supermicro is a leading provider of server technologies and solutions. The company designs and manufactures high-performance servers, storage systems, and network components for businesses and data centers worldwide.

They offers a wide range of server products, including tower and rack servers, blade servers, microservers, and embedded servers. These servers are suitable for a variety of applications, including cloud computing, virtualization, big data, and analytics.

Supermicro's servers are powered by innovative technologies and high-quality components. They are energy-efficient and offer high performance and reliability. The company also provides comprehensive support and services to help its customers with the integration and deployment of its server solutions.

Investigators examined the BIOS code in Defense Department servers made by other vendors and found no similar issues. And they discovered the same unusual code in Supermicro servers made by different factories at different times, suggesting the implant was introduced in the design phase.

Chassis or cabinets are characterized by high-quality thermal design, thanks to which you can cool your servers to the maximum. Thanks to their design advantages, Supermicro server cases have quickly established themselves as a leader in chassis construction.

With enterprise-class performance and reliability, ASRock's server solutions offer an unbeatable price, but are built to handle the most demanding applications, thanks to their superior performance and scalability. These versatile, but also specialized server technologies include general-purpose and storage-optimized solutions as well as servers optimized for networking workloads.

Gigabyte server solutions are typical for their compactness, high performance and easy maintenance. Due to the simplicity of construction and compatibility with various virtualization platforms, these servers can provide high performance with low latency for a wide range of contemporary modern technologies. 041b061a72


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