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Image by Kiril Dobrev

Our Values

Five pedals form a certain vitality...

As seen in our logo, the notion of life is represented by the five pedals of a flower. Each pedal represents a certain value that sums to a certain vitality.

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We also believe in the following principles:

Unique Parallels

A team filled with dynamism, integrity, and tolerance needs to move forward together in the same basic direction while maintaining each colleague's true character.

Climb Hard

Face challenges with a high degree of determination, always aim higher and help others up when you have taken the lead.


See times of trouble and great obstacles as solutions and opportunities rather than as things such as burdens and dead-ends.

Look To Nature

Find inspiration in nature to solve logistical dilemmas, manufacturing bottlenecks, needs in innovation, and modulation of interpersonal affairs regarding human resources.

Candid Tact

Keep it blunt but not emotionally charged. The key to success is not holding good ideas back; success is also not achieved by not speaking up when something is being handled in a less-than-ideal manner.

Engage Feedback Fully

An interlocking set of mechanisms aimed at ensuring a truly closed-loop feedback engagement practice in the organization is based on co-developing and training in fusion in ways primarily customer feedback inspired. 

Guide One Another

We can naturally and effectively guide each other by following our value action model of gut-driven, empathetic, strategic, adaptive, and candid communication.


Focus on the problem and the challenge rather than pointing fingers at teammates or team approaches.

Ever Researching

We yearn for personal and professional growth and believe this is the central force that breathes new life into our products, services, and ambitions to innovate in the packaging industry.

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