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& Divisions of Quan Chau Co., Ltd.

Our Team

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Executive Management Team (Division 1)

Our executive management team headquarters are located at the Quan Chau Co., Ltd.'s manufacturing campus in Chu Lai, Vietnam. At present this team is comprised professionals focusing on manufacturing, quality, stability, scalability and the domestic market in Vietnam.

General Management Team (Division 2)

Our manufacturing team is solely dedicated to manufacture our product lines, maintaining and upgrading manufacturing machinery, expanding our manufacturing work floor, and developing strategies for future manufacturing campuses. At present our manufacturing team is comprised of about 270 employees all based in Chu Lai Vietnam.

Strategy Team (Division 3)

As our newest team with five current members, the Internationalization R&D Team is focused on bringing our manufacturing standard above a world-class standard to fulfill our long-term vision of becoming a disruptor and innovator in the specific field of bagging, and more broadly the evolution of plastic wrapping toward better alternatives.

Manufacturing Team (Division 4)

Our manufacturing team is comprised of 270 vibrant and hard-working individuals. Their daily work focuses exclusively on the production of polypropylene bags on our manufacturing line.

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Executive Management Team

Do Le Hoan.jpg

Do Le Hoan

Chief Operations Officer

Image by Markus Spiske

Currently Vacant

Deputy Director

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Manufacturing Team

(Coming Soon)

General Management Team

Vi Nguyen _Accountant.jpeg.jpeg

Nguyen Thi Vi


Truong Huynh_Sale manager.jpeg.jpg

Huynh Ba Doan Truong

Sales Manager

Trang Vo_Fabric PP Manager.jpeg.jpg

Vo Thi Trang

PP Fabric Manager

Trang Nguyen _ Plan department.jpeg.jpeg

Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang

Head of Planning Department

Tay Huynh_QC department.jpeg.jpeg

Huynh Quoc Tay

QC Specialist

Phan Nhu Huy_ Designer.jpeg.jpg

Phan Nhu Huy


My Pham_HR department.jpeg.jpeg

Pham Thi Dieu My

HR Specialist

Lam Nguyen _ accounting manager.jpeg.jpeg

Nguyen Thi Bich Lam

Accounting Manager

Binh Dang_Head of Technical Department.jpeg

Dang Huy Binh

Head of Technical Department

Dang Sy_Machine operating employee.jpeg.jpeg

Dang Doan Cong Sy

Machine Operations

Bui Anh _ sale department.jpeg.jpeg

Bui Thi Xuan Anh

Sale Representative

Huynh Do_Purchasing manager.jpeg.jpg

Do Le Huynh

Purchasing Manager

Cong Vo_Sale department.jpeg.jpeg

Vo Thi Cong

Sales Representative

Strategy Team

Andy Bauer Photo.jpeg

Andy Bauer

Strategy Consultant

Suong Import_Export Strategist.jpg

Dinh Thi Suong

Import-Export Specialist

Diem Le_HR manager.jpeg

Le Thi Huyen Diem

HR Manager

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