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Company History

Manufacturig Milestoes

Quan Chau Co., Ltd. has nearly 18 years of industrial production experience. Since our establishment, our main office and factory have been located in the Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park in Quang Nam Province. In fact, the infrastructure that Quan Chau Co., Ltd operates on, was acquired in 2006 by another owner, also operating in the field of plastic packaging production. In 2013, Mr. Do Le Hoan, the current owner bought the company from a bankrupt company. After acquiring it from the previous company, Quan Chau Co., Ltd. comprehensively upgraded its production infrastructure and workflow, transforming the former business and bringing it out of bankruptcy into a thriving, profitable, and rapidly growing stage of development.

Milestones of Quan Chau Co., Ltd's Development

  • Between 2013 -2016, Quan Chau's production of packaging for animal feed, agricultural products, fertilizers, and sandbags reached an output of 1,000,000 bags/month.

  • From 2016 -2018, production was scaled up to 2,000,000 bags/month.

  • Between 2018-2019, production was scaled up to 3,000,000 bags/month.

  • From 2019 -2020, the production capacity reached 4,000,000/month. While from 2020-2021, it increased to an average of 6,000,000 bags/month. Moreover, between 2021-2022 production increased again to 8,000,000/month. Astonishingly, Quan Chau Co., Ltd is currently consistently producing 10,000,000/month while in some months we have produced thirty percent more than that.

  • Between 2013 and present, Quan Chau Co., Ltd continuously invested in purchasing of modern machinery and equipment to serve production needs including Hengli super-speed spinning machines, Hengli 6-shuttle looms and sewing machines. Flexo, POPP printing machines, automatic sewing machines, automatic cage cutting machines, super speed coating machines, high-rise corrugated edge stitching machines (without sewing thread), Gabar and Newlong sewing machines and more.

  • The Quan Chau Co., Ltd. Human Resources team believes that the staff is a valuable resource and an important key in the development journey of the company. We are constantly looking for knowledgeable personnel to join our team, and collaborate to learn and improve management, reduce production waste, improve technology, and develop and improve the overall level of product quality. At present there are 300 employees in the company. Quan Chau Co., Ltd. always strives to provide an outstanding working environment so that each staff member considers the company as their own family. Moreover, we work hard to ensures full benefits for employees according to their needs as well as provisions of law.

  • In terms of our equity initiatives, we work hard to support our company employees experiencing life difficulties and on certain occasions throughout the year, we will compensate a portion of the life expenses of staff to help them through hardships.

  • To make contributions to the local community, the company organizes charity trips every year and distributes gifts to people with difficult circumstances and diseases in each of these areas.

  • During the COVID-19 epidemic, there were many difficulties because the disease spread quickly and complicatedly. From the very beginning, the Company determined that only by strictly following the epidemic prevention regulations set by the government and quickly injecting vaccines could the company overcome extreme limitations brought to our production line. To cope with this situation, our company self-invested in equipment to produce antibacterial masks (to ensure the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Health were achieved) and distributed them to all the employees in the company. We also provided masks for all family members of staff. Quan Chau Company is also one of the pioneers in the government's vaccination campaign and encouraged employees to have vaccines administered relatively early.

  • During the pandemic, Quan Chau Co, Ltd. marked important milestones in terms of output. The previous production capacity was 4,000,000 bags/month. During the peak period of the epidemic, we reached the production milestone of 6,000,000 bags/month. Many businesses in the same industry had to close during this period. However, Quan Chau Co, Ltd. still operated continuously and achieved more success than seen in the previous period.

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