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Edward Rams
Edward Rams

Bad Education Legendas Portuguese (BR)

And education. The heritage of bureaucracy means that only law and medical careers are seen as worthwhile. The best basic education is private, and the best superior education is public. So only the rich can get the best superior education, and they get it for free, making the whole inequality problem way worse. But in true Brazilian fashion, public colleges are gradually being trounced by private schools, except when it comes to research because, well, research in Brazil, with a handful exceptions, is wasteful and inefficient and there is no accountability at all inside public universities about how grants are actually spent.

Bad Education Legendas Portuguese (BR)


Transparent Language enables government organizations, educational institutions, libraries, and companies around the world to train faster and with more reliable results. It also has courses for individual learners.

Verbling is a platform that connects you with high-quality language tutors from around the world. It consists of an integrated platform for scheduling and completing lessons, collaborative language tools, multi-device support, personalized education, and a global community. Read more about it in this Verbling review.

We have witnessed what a handful of contributors can do together with a singular purpose. And we hope that World Translation Month will become a yearly event when all world languages can celebrate having access to free programming education translated by their community for their community.

The EU treaties specify who can pass laws in what areas: the EU, national governments or both. EU countries are responsible for making their own decisions and laws in certain areas of national policy like industry, health and education. In these areas, the EU only provides support to national governments. In areas where the EU or national governments can act, the EU may only take action if it can do so more effectively. 041b061a72


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