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Pharrell Williams releases “RM 52-05 Tourbillon” collaboration using Richard Mille


Since olden times, humans have observed room from Earth. But with typically the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams watch, people can easily observe the Earth from Mars, a perspective that communicates one of Pharrell Williams’ aspirations. This new model almost defines this goal, as viewed by Richard Mille's imaginative development team: an engraver, an enameller and a plumber, who work together to create a fantastic contemporary Unconventional watchmaking parts.

Pharrell, a guy from another planet. Possibly the word that best chunks up Pharrell Williams will be “universal” - in every perception of the word. He sensed a deep connection with often the universe early on. So it's hardly surprising that Pharrell has been a large Star Trek fan given that he was a kid, as anyone we are excited for who has seen him utilize the Vulcan salute when selling the name of his brand Superstar Trak. He never invisible his fascination with the galaxy, or the deep spiritual attention he derived from it, as well as the wholeness at the center regarding things.

“To create is to change the point of view from which we see things, and also that’s really the only difference, having RM 52-05 we see Mars from a different angle, an urgent first-person perspective. In every facet of my work, I always try to find Something different, something new, working with Richard Mille provides an opportunity to move where no one else moved before, for example , Mars, ” Williams said.

Evoking the visions, dreams and other imaginings of brand companions is a familiar pursuit from Richard Mille, starting from scuff with every new opportunity. The development of RM 52-05 is actually a true artistic project, special in the way it interprets concepts, symbols and wishes. The very last one takes the form of any tourbillon, and its originality depend on its stunning multidisciplinary technological innovation.


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