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Download Real Piano APK Premium for Free - Enjoy the Best Piano App on Android

Real Piano is everything you need to learn how to play the piano on your phone/tablet. Now you can finger any song anywhere! Excellent for those passionate about the instrument and music!You don't need a piano to learn how to play!Real Piano offers various piano kits with different high-quality studio audio sounds, allowing you to play any song!Why haven't you learned to play the piano yet?Real Piano provides video lessons to assist you, along with various musical style loops to play along with.Real Piano is excellent for studying or playing the piano without making much noise or taking up too much space. You can practice anywhere!What are you waiting for to become a pianist?Check out the details in Real Piano:- 100 lessons- Multitouch- A full keyboard with 88 keys- Various super realistic instruments- Studio-quality audio- Instruments such as grand piano, electric piano, synthesizer, organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, synthetic bass, strings, -French horn, marimba, harpsichord, toy organ, banjo, accordion, zither, vibraphone, flute, vocals, and saxophone- 7 octaves- Recording mode- Rhythm loops to play along with- Works with all screen resolutions - cell phones and tablets (HD images)- Free app- Supports MIDITry it out and have fun with the piano app on Google Play!Made for pianists, keyboardists, professional musicians, amateurs, or beginners!From the creator of Real Drum.Touch & Play!

real piano apk premium

For those of you who are interested in learning to play the incredible instrument, you can now enjoy working with the awesome application of Perfect Piano, which will allow you to start playing your favorite piano songs on the go. Explore the powerful features from the piano simulator app on your Android devices which would let you do everything on a regular piano and more.

Explore the built-in piano layout with full 88 keys for you to freely press and navigate between. Enjoy their powerful and realistic sounds, which will allow you to fully immerse in the awesome application and its features. Have fun playing with the classic piano sounds, pipe organ, music box, and many available instruments in Perfect Piano. All of which should allow you to enjoy the app to the fullest.

Here in Perfect Piano, Android users will have themselves the powerful and functional piano simulator app, which offers you the full 88-key keyboard for practicing and learning to play the instrument. Feel free to explore the built-in piano timbres from high-quality instruments, along with other interesting songs, which can also be played via the mobile app.

Have fun making uses of the intelligent keyboard that will let you quickly get used to the keys and pressing actions. Learn to play your favorite instrument using the interesting practices and fun games from the mobile app. Multiply the fun and competitiveness in the game by competing piano learners worldwide for your own music battle. Connect to your MIDI-supported devices to enable more features in the app. Make uses of the endless sounds that you can unlock and have fun with. And get your own piano widgets to quickly access the mobile app. The list goes on.

For those of you who are interested in the full application of Perfect Piano, you can have it downloaded from the Google Play Store for absolutely free. Feel free to work with the in-app features to start interacting with the brilliant instruments and their amazing timbres. But if you wish to work with the full application of Perfect Piano, you will need to pay for the in-app purchases and ads with real money.

Here in Perfect Piano, Android users will have themselves the intelligent piano keyboard, which supports the full combination of 88 different keys for you to enjoy the complete piano experiences. Enjoy the multitouch controls on your touch screen to freely work on your chords and key combinations. The Force touch feature will allow the app to mimic the key actions on a real piano, where the sounds will gradually increase with your stronger touches.

For the keyboard layouts, you will have many different modes and settings to better fit it inside your mobile or tablet devices. Enjoy working with the Single-Row Mode to simulate the real piano. Enable the Double-row mode for better accessibility to the keys. Work with the Dual Players mode if you wish to double the fun from the app. And enable the Chords Mode that will help you to easily switch between chords when playing certain songs. Also, feel free to work with the available adjustment settings for the keyboard to customize its layouts however you want.

Feel free to enable the MIDI and ACC audio recording feature to work on high-quality piano records, using the selected sounds and the app. And make uses of the provided features to directly share your recording files and turn them into available ringtones or music tracks on your system. Enable the Metronome feature to help you practice playing piano with beats. And make uses of the OpenSL ES settings to enable low latency audio support for your keyboard.

For those of you who are interested in the piano and would love to learn how to play it, you can now make use of the provided features in Perfect Piano to start learning your favorite instrument. Have access to thousands of popular music and audio pieces by practice playing them on the touchscreen and striving to earn your best scores.

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To make the app more interesting, Perfect Piano also provides many mini-games for you to practice and play with. Similar to the likes of Magic Piano by Smule and other great piano games, these provided practices will allow you to have fun with the mobile app while still being able to keep up with the available practices. Feel free to select your favorite games and preferred levels of difficulty to have more fun with the mobile app.

Enjoy working on the different tracks and playing the piano with many Android players from all over the world. Show off your skills and strive for the ultimate high scores to get ranked on the leaderboards. Compete in the weekly new song challenge to earn the high ranking.

Earn many special rewards and enjoy making new friends who also share their interests for the awesome instrument. Have fun communicating with friends and other online players via the accessible chat menu to have fun playing the piano games with others.

Plus, you can now create guilds or join an existing one in Perfect Piano to unlock more features in the app. Have more fun practicing piano patterns and playing the addictive guild games, which will keep you engaged in the application.

For those of you who are interested, you can now connect your keyboard or digital piano to Perfect Piano using your USB-to-MIDI connection. Make uses of the interactive and accessible keys on the keyboards to work on your practices and competitions in Perfect Piano, which will allow you to have more fun with the app. Just make sure that you have the USB to MIDI cable ready. Simply connect the two devices and Perfect Piano will automatically recognize the keyboard.

For those of you who are interested, you can now enable the useful and accessible piano widget in Perfect Piano, which will allow Android users to freely work on their piano on the fly. Simply enable the small widget on your home screen so you can immediately play music when turning on the screen and without having to open the app itself. Feel free to customize the layouts of your keyboard widget to make it as accessible as possible.

Get ready to engage yourself in the brilliant piano application of Perfect Piano, in which Android users are allowed to freely play with the perfect instruments and its variants. Enjoy learning how to play the piano using the provided features and addictive games. Have fun interacting and making friends with online gamers from all over the world. Explore the addictive games and online competitions that will constantly motivate you to keep studying and having fun in the app. Plus, the free and unlocked version of Perfect Piano will allow all Android users to enjoy the app and its full features on the fly.

Simply Piano MOD APK will help you become a professional piano player through well-designed lessons. Accordingly, this application brings extremely interesting piano learning methods for all audiences. Whether you are a beginner learning the piano or a professional who wants to practice the piano, this application can satisfy you.

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments from the past to the present. In fact, mastering this instrument is not easy at all, and you need to invest a lot of time and effort. There are many solutions to learning piano, but in our opinion, learning through Simply Piano is the most optimal method up to the present time.


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