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Learn How to Make RPGs with No Download or Programming Skills

Since AppLocale is incompatible with Windows 10, a program called Locale Emulator will be used instead. (Keep scrolling for information on how to run Yume 2kki without using a 3rd party software) Download the latest version of Locale Emulator from here (MEGA mirror)If, when following the instructions, the game does not operate correctly, download Time

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Note: If the Japanese RTP is stuck at 44%, either download from this English RTP instead, or change the system locale to Japanese, as the issue is related to the use of non-Unicode characters. The steps to changing the system locale are as follows:

Yume 2kki download links can be found here on the wiki. You can choose to download from the official source or a mirror. If the mirror is up-to-date, try a mirror download first; then try the downloads from GetUploader; and lastly the downloads from Dropbox.

If you downloaded the game via mirror, you will need to extract the archive with an archive manager. If you don't have an archive manager that can extract 7z files, a free, high-quality choice is 7-Zip.

If you downloaded the game via Dropbox, or have downloaded official patches using the ZIP archive format, you will most likely run into codepage issues if you extract the game by normal means. There is no easy way to circumvent this issue on Windows. Some suggestions include:

Can i use these resources in Nekoland? i ask that after seeing the instructions 'The resources found in this download is only usable in RPG Maker unless you have the artist's permission and is not an edit of RPG Maker resources.'

I've released an Alpha-Version of my Project "Java-RPG-Maker-MV-Decrypter", which works with whole Directories and save/renames Files by itself...May you try it out, it also have a GUI. If you just want to decrypt single-Files, I recommend this Version here (Bec you don't need to download it). But for whole Directories you should try the Java-Version of the Decrypter! =)

Available on the libretro buildbot. (or use the RetroArch core downloader) The libretro core can be executed by RetroArch and other libretro frontends. For Windows and macOS we offer our own builds.

Mortis Ghost created an official web page for OFF at an unknown date (possibly around the same time the OFF translations were created). The website is entirely in French and has not yet been translated. The website itself contained info about the game. This also includes different images created by Mortis Ghost, OFF Downloads (in multiple languages), sketches, wallpapers, sheet music, a solution page (also in French) and a peculiar folder named "DossierSG", which is a lengthy review created by someone named "ShadowGate". It is twelve pages long and has yet to be translated. As of 2021, all downloadable content from that site can be found under the games section of the Unproductive Fun Time site.

No. It's quite light, only "spooky". No jumpscares, only classic rpg maker spooks.I think the authors tried to be on the safe side with that warning, but anyway, feel free to play this anytime.

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I'm having some doubts as to the usefulness of this website. I've had a bunch of views for my free VR games, but not a single download. I have videos, screenshots, it all seems solid. I'm not demanding a penny, but there's been no downloads at all. It's all very depressing. Am I alone here?

Hey, sorry no one has downloaded your game yet. Have you tried sharing your page around? We sent out an email with some tips for every game that gets published on our site. We got a lot of new projects daily so you can help get more exposure by pushing some initial traffic to your page.

I understand your pain. I have two games up on this site and they get few downloads, the more popular one has 30 downloads total. And my game doesn't require additional hardware. Your VR game is going to have a much smaller potential audience. The issue isn't the site, it's the fact that games need promotion. There is no magical place to put your game that's going to make people aware of it. The easy part of indie game development is making games. The hard part is that you also have to be a marketing expert or it's all for nought.

You're kind of narrowing your potential audience with a VR game, that could explain the divergence of clicks to downloads: "Ooh cool looking game! Too bad I don't have a gazillion dollar piece of equipment...

I watched both of the videos for your games and, if I can be completely honest with you here, neither of them look very fun. I don't have a VR thingy but if I did, I highly doubt I would download those games. In fact, after seeing you post above that you make "amazing things" and then seeing those videos, I'm kind of starting to wonder if this thread is even serious.

No, people who aren't interested in your games are not "trolls." You asked why you are not getting downloads. I am trying to help you figure out the answer. After watching the gameplay footage you provide on the pages, I am fairly confident that a large part of why you are not getting downloads is that the games don't look fun. One appears to be a cheap bejeweled knockoff, and the other you just shoot people coming through a door over and over. Congratulations on completing some games. That in itself is a great accomplishment and you should be proud of it. A few people might even think these games look fun? But my opinion is that not many will, and that's likely part of the reason you are not getting downloads. Other reasons are what I stated above which are that you are limiting your audience substantially by making VR games, and that marketing is really really hard. Soul-crushingly hard.

Its been a struggle to get downloads or page views even when publicizing the games. Game jams were a good start for page views and downloads, but that quickly dries up and its only a small amount to begin with.

By some amazing coincidence I posted a new game yesterday and after months of 1 - 5 page views a day it got almost 500 page views and 100 downloads. It seems like a luck thing. I'm on top of some popular games list here at when I can't imagine why I'm there considering I just dumped the game with only a tweet for bare minimum publicity.

Yeah, I just launched my first game today and started talking to people. I think being an Indy game developer is 70% marketing and 30% making a great game. my game is Fuel Run. Ive advertised at all the free places like major gaming forums, facebook groups, Twitter even the Unity forums. Not ready to be discouraged yet, but the posts arent going to last long until they drop to obscurity, and the leap from getting a click, to getting a download to getting a donation is pretty steep. Seems weird to work on a game for months, polish it well and then not even be able to get people to look at the page.

haha.. you caught it.. Helado is ice in spanish, the truckers name in the movie was snowman.. and of course BT Justice. Please let me know f you like the game. So far I have only had 7 downloads and aside from friends who tested for me, I have had no strangers giving me their thoughts. I am pretty sure the game is solid, the premise is good with the chase element, the difficulty system is pretty cool... but what is hard to know is if the game is just fun for people who dont already like me LOL. thanks again.

I'd love to download and try out your game but I can't play VR games, I don't have the device for it. :(Don't get discouraged though. Just do more advertising. I just released a free game myself and yeah, the stats aren't that great but let's not lose hope. ^_^ Never stop self-promoting. Also, never stop interacting with fellow developers.

I'm not too sure what your issue with "Pay what you want" is. On Thingiverse, they mention donating to the artist after each download. It's a polite way to mention that, if you enjoy somebody's hard work, it couldn't hurt to give them a dollar. You'd give more to that to a waitress, and they are already paid to bring you your food. You're getting a hell of alot more out of downloaded game. It seems wholly unreasonable to think a game maker deserves less. Have people's opinion of game makers really slipped so far, have people become SO ENTITLED to games, that you'd fault a game maker for even suggesting the possibility of donating a dollar for all of their hard work? Would predatory DLC make you feel better? Tell me you've never spent a dime on DLC. Hopefully, now, you can appreciate how upsetting your opening paragraph was.

Sorry about my opening statement! What I had intended to say was that if there are other people like me who just don't like pay-what-you-want (reasonable or not) then this might reduce the number of downloads. I don't know if it is the case, but I felt obligated to mention it since the download count is the threads topic. But I realize it came out as just me being super stingy!

You really have to drive people to your download. It's a destination business, not so much an impulse based business model. VR games are going to dramatically decrease your audience regardless. You're already marketing to a small pool of folks who would potentially play your game. You've went and decreased that 50x fold requiring a VR headset. The adoption for those is mainly other developers, not so much average Joe gamer.

Well, for starters you could improve your game page: what about some screenshots from the game? Also important: you can use up to 10 tags, why use only two? Tags not only help customers to find your game but also give them an idea what your game is about. You describe your game in your devlog: why not put the description also into your game page where people can more easily see it? Maybe adding a demo or a short gameplay video? And, last but important: I don't think writing -quote- "You know what, kid? THIS IS MY FIRST GAME SO GO AND LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!" -end quote- is the best way to entice people to download and play your game.


Think tank for dissolvable PP bag evolution.


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