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Watch Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women in 720p HD - A Film That Shocks and Provokes

Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women - A Dystopian Tragedy That Shocks And Provokes

Imagine a world where women are extinct. Where men are driven by lust, violence, and desperation. Where one girl becomes a commodity for a whole village of men. This is the world of Matrubhoomi, a 2003 Indian dystopian tragedy film written and directed by Manish Jha.



Matrubhoomi (Hindi for Motherland) examines the impact of female foeticide and female infanticide on the gender balance and consequently the stability and attitudes of society. It depicts a future in an Indian village populated exclusively by males due to female infanticide over the years.

The film follows the story of Kalki, a young girl who is sold by her father to a wealthy man who has five sons. She is then married to all five sons simultaneously and subjected to rape, abuse, and humiliation by them and their father. The b70169992d


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