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Where To Buy A Steam Cleaner For Bed Bugs PATCHED

Probably the most important consideration for a steamer for treating bed bugs is its ability to produce hot steam. You need a steamer with an output of at least 200 F to hit the minimum surface temperature required to eliminate the bed bugs.

where to buy a steam cleaner for bed bugs

You want to be able to treat bed bugs inside fabrics and in crevices so high steam pressure will ensure that the heat reaches the pests where they are hiding. Bed bugs rarely stay on the surface so you will need all the pressure you can get.

A knob for adjusting the steam pressure on your steamer will come in handy when you find bed bugs on open surfaces. The high steam pressure you use to reach inside crevices will most likely blow the bed bug away rather than killing it on contact.

Once again, heat-treating bed bugs is not an easy or desirable job. The sooner you can get it over with the better. The typical steamer requires up to 15 minutes to boil water before it can produce steam. Shortening this time frame means you can get through your task quicker.

The Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner is one of the more affordable heavy-duty steamers on the market that will help you achieve the same results as a commercial unit when heat-treating bed bugs.

This unit has an output of more than 200F which should help you reach the surface temperature range you need to exterminate bed bugs. Furthermore, the steam cleaner comes with a 45-ounce water tank that gives you up to 45 minutes of continuous steam. A steam locking switch allows you to steam continuously without getting tired of holding down the trigger.

The large 48 oz water tank will give you up to 45 minutes of continuous steam which you will appreciate when heat-treating large spaces. You get 18 accessories for all kinds of cleaning so the unit will have plenty of use even after the bed bugs are gone for good.

You can get up to 250F heat which is more than enough for heat-treating bed bugs in a variety of places including carpets, furniture, and upholstery. The steam lock ensures that you can keep steaming without having your finger constantly on the trigger.

If you think that our list has been dominated by heavy-duty steam cleaners thus far, it is for good reason. These steam cleaners are the most effective at heat-treating bed bugs and are as close as you are going to get to the commercial steamers that pest control professionals use.

Heat-treating bed bugs with steam is a great way to get rid of the nasty pests and is best used with complementary extermination methods or as preparation for when the pest control professional arrives.

It helps a great deal if you know exactly what you will be treating beforehand. Do a full inspection of the house, paying attention to where bed bugs like to hide including inside mattress stitching, in the box spring, and on pillows, cushions, and sheets. Also, inspect all your furniture and carpeting since bed bugs have a tendency to spread quickly especially in the case of a large infestation.

The best nozzle to use for steaming bed bugs is the triangular nozzle that comes with the steamer. This nozzle gets close to the surface and heats it sufficiently while also covering a wide surface area to make your job quicker.

Steam is a very effective method for killing bed bugs in all the stages of development, if applied correctly. When using steam as a treatment the quality of the steamer is very important. Use a commercial steamer with a minimum capacity of 1 gallon, preferably with a steam volume control. The type of steamer you use to steam clothing will not be effective for bed bug treatment. Do not use a carpet cleaning machine. Carpet cleaning machines do not reach high enough temperatures to kill bed bugs. Although a steam cleaner is expensive for one person to purchase (approximately $800 to $1,200), it may be reasonable for a housing cooperative, a social assistance group or another type of organization to purchase a steamer and make it available for members to use. It may also be possible to rent a steamer.

In some scientific studies, steam treatments for bed bugs have been thought to disrupt their neuromuscular functioning. After a bed bug is subjected to steam it moves slower, feeds less, and does not travel as far.

Unfortunately, you can pick a bed bug (the scientific name for bed bugs Cimex lectularius Linnaeus) up just about anywhere. Without a doubt, for the past 10 years, during my bed bug inspections, I have found bed bugs in all types of places, including but not limited to hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, gyms, and homes.

Bed bug steamers come in all shapes and sizes. It is true that the best bed bug steamer uses dry heat. If you want to try to get rid of bed bugs on your own without hiring a pest control company using a steamer for bed bugs can be part of your integrated plan.

A steamer can also help you sleep if you find bed bugs, the act of steaming can give you some peace of mind. Since sleeping with bed bugs can cause severe anxiety. It will at least help diminish the population and allow you to sleep in the bed.

A steamer is not going to eradicate all of the bed bugs but using it along with the below methods will help solve the bed bug problem. Just like washing clothes kills bed bugs (as long as you put them through a high heat dryer), so does steam.

With bed bugs becoming resistant to many pesticides, the development to find non-chemical control methods has been on the rise since 2010. Using an integrated plan that involves all of the following: inspection, monitoring, bed bug steamers, heat, pesticides, Aprehend, vacuuming, traps, and dust (Cimexa) is important.

Whether you have bed bugs, carpet beetles, mites, or one of the many other mistaken bugs that look like bed bugs, a steamer is your first line of defense! Steam cleaning the bed frame and floor around the bed can help, get rid of any potential bugs.

Many people have been reporting that they have used this exact steamer to help eradicate their bed bug issue. Although this might not be the best product for killing bed bugs on this list, it is the most affordable one.

Importantly this steam cleaning machine gets to over 212 F consequently the bugs die at 120 F. Just like I mentioned with the other machines it will be beneficial to first and foremost vacuum the visible bed bugs up and then after you vacuum use the bed bug steamer. After you use this machine for your bed bug issue, it will do wonders with any deep cleaning and sanitizing jobs.

With almost 800 amazon reviews that are just shy of 5 stars this machine is a winner! The Steamfast steamer for bed bugs come with a pointy nozzle just like the Neat steamer. However the tank is not as big and you will have to wait for it to heat up in after each time you fill it with water.

The size of the tank will help determine how much steaming time you will get out of the steamer before you have to refill it and wait for it to heat up. A good steamer for bed bugs will have a large tank. Hence for optimal bed bug killing, you will want to hold the steamer over an area for a minute, slowly moving along a surface.

The pressure is measured in PSI which stands for Pressure Per Square Inch. The Dupray Steam Cleaner mentioned above has a PSI of 50.8 whereas the McCulloch Bed Bug Steam Cleaner has a PSI of 43. A good bed bug steamer should have a PSI of over 40.

To truly determine this you might have to get a remote temperature sensor. This will help you determine the exact temperature of steam that your machine is emitting. To successfully kill bed bugs you will need the steamer to get to 200 F at the very least. Bed bugs will die when the temperature hits 120 F but to play it safe it should be 200 F. This is because you always lose some heat after the steam leaves the tank.

It will take multiple sessions over a few weeks to get rid of bed bugs with a steamer. If you have a mild infestation, you can use a bed bug steamer before you opt for other more harsh methods like chemical treatments. A steamer will only kill bed bugs on contact. Set aside 90 minutes to focus on steaming a bed and the furniture next to the bed. Take a break, then steam everything a second time.

The trick to successfully eradicating bed bugs is to use multiple methods together. If you have a mild infestation, steam cleaning coupled with vacuuming, and drying may be all you need to get rid of the bugs.

A third reason why a clothing steamer is not the ideal tool for a bed bug infestation is that the hose is often very long so by the time the steam reaches the surface it may not be hot enough. A clothing steamer is not an ideal steam cleaner for bed bugs, however it still may kill a few on contact.

In NYC you can rent a steamer from Rug Doctor, Bissell Rental, or some Home Depot locations rent the Karcher steam cleaner. These are all commercial steamers that will be great as a steam cleaner for bed bugs.

A bed bug steamer should reach temperatures of at least 212 Fahrenheit to 230 Fahrenheit. Make sure to test the steam on an inconspicuous spot before beginning your treatment. The hotter the steam, the quicker and more effectively it will kill bed bugs.

Primarily, the results of the study found that all bed bug eggs treated with the bed bug steamer died after the steam treatment. For example, the nymphs and adults consequently had a mortality rate of 85%-95%. This study helps back up the fact that steam treatment is a very good option for getting rid of bed bugs. It also determined that it cannot be the only option. You must use steam along with a planned integrated pest management protocol.

Because steam cleaners generate a tremendous amount of heat, they easily eliminate bed bugs from clothing, furniture and bedding. And because steam particles are so small, they can reach nooks and crannies chemical pest-control methods cannot. It's pretty simple: With a steam cleaner, bed bugs have nowhere to hide and are a thing of the past.

But not all steam cleaners are equal. Some use more water than others, which means they can leave a surface like your mattress sopping wet. Others use so little water that whatever surface is steamed dries almost instantly. 041b061a72


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