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Alien Force Omnitrix: How It Works, What It Does, and Why It Matters

The Omnimatrix, better known as the Omnitrix, was a watch-like device that attached to Ben Tennyson's wrist at the beginning of the series and is the device that the franchise revolves around. The device is a portable library of intergalactic genetic data that allowed the wielder to alter their DNA at will and transform into a variety of different alien species, each with their own unique abilities.

In its first form that Ben encountered, the Omnitrix looked like a large wristwatch with a wide band, primarily black and grey in color. It had a dark grey faceplate in the middle (like a watch dial) that had a green hourglass shape (the symbol of universal peace/Galvan Tech) on it.[DM 1] The faceplate was part of a cylindrical tower; when Ben selected his aliens, the tower would pop up from the base of the Omnitrix, and the hourglass would invert into a diamond and show the aliens' silhouettes. The band had an activation button on the side facing the user if on their left hand. The ring of the faceplate had four symmetrical lights that would glow with the hourglass symbol. Finally, the band had two rings of white tubing, that would glow green under special circumstances.

alien force omnitrix

After recalibrating, the Omnitrix resembled a slimmer and sleeker watch-like shape, now with a green wristband, and the face of the dial becoming black and green. The inside of the hourglass symbol glowed in different colors during certain moments; these colors signify the mode that the Omnitrix was presently in. When Ben is selecting his aliens it shows the alien's hologram standing on the core rather than the alien's silhouette.

When the Omnitrix's usage time is fully depleted (i.e. "times out"), it goes into Recharge Mode: firstly warning of the timing out; then detransforming the user and locking all functions of Active Mode while the Omnitrix recharges. It takes around 5 minutes to recharge, though it may take more time if tampered with. Recharge Mode's main purpose is to prevent the alien DNA from attaching permanently to its host.[pop-up 2][6][pop-up 3]

When a new DNA sample has been unlocked from the Codon Stream, or when the Omnitrix captures new DNA not present in the Codon Stream, Capture Mode is activated. It can also reclaim lost or removed alien DNA that was in the Codon Stream.

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The prototype Omnimatrix (also called the prototype Omnitrix, or just Omnitrix) was a device that could transform the wearer into different sapient alien species, providing the Codon Stream had a DNA sample of said species.

Scanning an alien whose species' DNA was already in the Codon Stream unlocked it, while scanning an alien whose species' DNA wasn't in the Codon Stream would add it to the Codon Stream and to the list of unlocked aliens.

The pre-recalibrated Omnitrix sometimes went into Capture Mode when an alien touched it, unlocking it's species' DNA to the list of unlocked aliens. The recalibrated Omnitrix was only seen scanning DNA when Edna was present and when Zs'Skayr entered Ben's body.

Technical glitches in the Omnitrix caused some power glitches that gave random abilities not native to some of the alien species, as well as leaving the aliens naked and cold (post-recalibration only). Azmuth reformatted and corrected these errors in the new Omnitrix.

I'm confused as to why the omnitrix just randomly decided to upgrade itself at the start of alien force, being able to scan DNA and reverse DNAliens, as well as giving him 10 new aliens with nearly no cooldown time and he can quick change, but he can't access any of his 18 aliens from the original series. Any explanation that wouldn't spoil future episodes? (I'm on season1 episode 22).

Set five years after the end of the original series, Ben Tennyson, now a teenager, once again dons the Omnitrix to protect the earth and other parts of the universe from villainous alien activity. The Omnitrix itself, a wristwatch-shaped device, allows Ben to transform into numerous alien forms, thereby inheriting the unique abilities of that alien race.

When the Omnitrix was recalibrated it gained a more watch-style shape, a green wristband, and became smaller and sleeker with the face plate becoming black and green. The inside of the hourglass shape on the face now glows in different colors at special moments; these colors signify the state that the Omnitrix is in. The display mode of alien-shaped black silhouettes printed on the face has been replaced by a dark green 3D hologram hovering above the watch, giving a more detailed look of the selected alien.

The new Omnitrix also functions as a Plumber's badge which is used in the series as a communicator, a detector of other Plumber's badges, an alien-language translator, and as a key for accessing the Extranet, an intergalactic Internet.

Again directed by Alex Winter, the film's cast included Ryan Kelley as Ben, Nathan Keyes as Kevin, and Galadriel Stineman as Gwen. Lee Majors was offered to reprise his role as Grandpa Max, but he turned it down; the role was recast with Barry Corbin. The film also featured Alyssa Diaz as a new character named Elena, who was a childhood friend of Ben.[4] The aliens seen were Big Chill, Humongousaur, and a new alien named Nanomech. In the movie, Kevin's car was a green Dodge Challenger.

Lego Ben 10: Alien Force was based on Ben 10: Alien Force animated television show. The product line focuses on Ben Tennyson's powerful alien forms with various abilities. Lego Ben 10: Alien Force aimed to recreate the main characters in Lego buildable figures, including Spidermonkey, Swampfire, Chromastone, Humungousaur, Jet Ray and Big Chill. Each of the sets included the Bionicle parts and allows children to built an action figure version of one of Ben's alien forms.[15][16][17]

Kevin serves as the main antagonist of the second season. His ability to project heat at the end of Kevin 11 is a result of the Omnitrix's feedback pulse: the amount of energy it emitted allowed him to fully absorb its powers, giving him access to every alien form Ben had at the time. However, because Kevin's ability to regulate this power is poorer than that of the Omnitrix itself, the energy suppresses his human form and forces him to remain as an alien most of the time.

As revealed in Framed, Kevin blamed Ben for this, so he used the powers of the Omnitrix to start a crime spree in Los Angeles, both for his own benefit and to damage Ben's (or rather, his alien forms') reputation. Eventually, Kevin's ability to regulate the power fails altogether, causing him to permanently mutate into what Vilgax would describe as a "misshapen, chaotic amalgam of creatures from the Omnitrix." This form has: Four Arms' head, body, left eyes, legs and feet, Grey Matter's right eye, Upgrade's upper back, Heatblast's left arm, Diamondhead's right arm, Wildmutt's arms below them, XLR8's tail, Stinkfly's wings, Ripjaws' antenna, gills, and teeth and Ghostfreak's black lines running along his chest. Because of this, Kevin fights Ben and as he was about to kill him, Lt. Steel from the Special Alien Capture Team shoots him into the water and he is presumed dead, but at the end of the episode he is revealed to be alive.

"Kevin 11" (the name Kevin is credited under in the ending sequence of the show). He has Stinkfly's ability to fly and spit slime, Diamondhead's diamond ability with his right arm, Four Arms' strength, Wildmutt's sniffing ability, XLR8's speed, Heatblast's ability to shoot fire out of his left arm, Ripjaws' biting and unhinged jaw (possibly also his ability to breathe underwater because he also has Ripjaws' gills) and Upgrade's laser vision. However, Kevin never exibited his aborption powers while in this firm and did not appear to have access does to certain powers such as Grey Matter's intelligence, or Upgrade's mechanical merging. In addition, Ben notes that Kevin's powers are weren't nearly as strong the Omnitrix's aliens, as seen when Diamondhead was able to easily catch and crush one of Kevin's crystals with his bare hands while the others shattered upon hitting him without leaving a mark (this assessment is proven correct in Ultimate Alien as Aggregor stated that when Osmosians absorb the life force of other beings they only gain 1/10th of that being's powers).During his third appearance in Grudge Match, Kevin attacked Ben to get revenge, blaming his condition on him. As the two battled, they were abducted and forced to fight in Slix Vigma's gladiator games. During their battles, Ben helped Kevin to realize the advantages of his mutated form: because Kevin 11 was an amalgam of aliens, he could mix and match their powers to make up for their reduced potency. Although forced to work together, Kevin's only goal was killing Ben. After Ben and Kevin succeeded in escaping, Kevin attacked Ben and pinned

him to the wall with Stinkfly goo before moving in with a Diamondhead spear, gloating that no matter what alien Ben transformed into, he knew every one of them. Little did he know that Ben had discovered that there were more aliens in the Omnitrix and had unlocked Cannonbolt, whom he transformed into just as Kevin was about to skewer him before getting into an escape pod. Kevin nearly barged into the pod when he was stopped by Technorg, whom Ben had spared and he declared a life debt to. After Technorg helped Ben escape, he turned his attention to Kevin (who had called him a lap dog just as he was about to kill Ben). The two were transported to a different galaxy at the end of the episode while locked in combat. According to the advanced edition of the episode, after beating Kevin, Technorg left the ship to return to his homeworld while Kevin took the ship as his own.

Kevin comes back in Ben 10: Alien Force, where he was eventually released from the Null Void (he stated in Darkstar Rising that he did his time for his crimes) returned to his human form, and grows into a tall and well-built young man who reconciled with his family. He has also become an alien weapons dealer, giving him several contacts with criminals (such as Argit, Vulkanus and Sunder the Retriever) as well as a considerable knowledge in alien tech. He has also regained his ability to absorb solid matter.


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