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Adam Yakovlev
Adam Yakovlev

Cracked Head Series 60 Detroit WORK

Just bought an 04 freightliner Coronado with a detroit in it. It is a project truck as there is severe blow by coming out of the engine vent. IT also started to puke anitfreeeze out of the overflow after it idled in the yard for a few minutes after the hours drive to get it home. We,ve been asking around and have been told anything from aircompressor leaking into cooling system, to injector cups loose,or head gasket issues. the truck has just iver 1.1million kms on it. It is in very good shape, and there is a ton of new parts on it, that is one of the reasons we bought it. Just not sure on how to start diagnosing the problem area, before taking it all down.

cracked head series 60 detroit

I don't believe that the air compressor head gasket has any contact with the coolant system but maybe you have a bad compressor head. In additon to the engine head gasket or injector cups, you could have a bad liner o-ring or a cracked liner or head :-(


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