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Answers For Modern Communicators: A Guide To Ef...

Entity Framework Core, or EF Core for short, is a total rewrite of Entity Framework for modern application architectures. Due to fundamental changes, there is not a direct upgrade path. The purpose of this documentation is to provide an end-to-end guide for porting your EF6 applications to EF Core.

Answers for Modern Communicators: A Guide to Ef...


It's really not their fault though. Back in the 70's you picked up a manual and were taught to figure it out. Just reading it has never given you all the answers. It gives you the fundimentals of operation so you could figure out the answers. With modern communication though getting the answers is easier by just asking questions rather than working things out on your own. As a result, the first response to a question now is to ask instead of giving your situation any real thought. Heck I'm almost 50 years old and to be honest with myself, I too have become spoiled to not having to connect the dots on my own. How can we blame young people who have never been taught to think for themselves in the first place? I'm not justifying it, just stating the current reality. Problem solving is not as intertwined into the curriculum of modern education in the same manner as it was 20 to 30 years ago. Today if the answer is not just laid out in front of you, go ask!

Exposure standards for radiofrequency energy have been developed by various organizations and governments. Most modern standards recommend safe levels of exposure separately for the general public and for workers. In the United States, the FCC has adopted and used recognized safety guidelines for evaluating RF environmental exposure since 1985. Federal health and safety agencies, such as the EPA, FDA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have also been involved in monitoring and investigating issues related to RF exposure. 041b061a72


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