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9 : The Hakone Mountain Night Battle

The night Battle of Ishibashiyama was fought between to the two great rival clans of the Heian Period, the Minamoto and the Taira clans, and took place at Ishibashiyama within the mountains of Hakone, near Odawara in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Minamoto, fronted by Minamoto no Yoritomo, consisted of just 300 troops, while the Taira, commanded by Oba Saburo Kagechika, boasted over 3,000 warriors.

9 : The Hakone Mountain Night Battle

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It is totally different from the bustling city area; you can race in the midst of nature in the early summer. It's amazing to see Mt. Fuji through the gaps in the bright green woods! At night, you can enjoy the night views of the foot of the mountain.

As soon as the pack caught up with Sohoku and Hakogaku, as they head towards Nikkou City, Onoda gets swallowed by the pack again and pinned by two rider riding close to him, blocking his path to the front as Hakogaku planned, leaving Sohoku with no choice but to send Teshima to try for first day King the mountain against Manami, as Izumida also decides not to send Shinkai Yuto to go for the Checkpoint as Sohoku cannot enter a two-on-two battle.

When Richard the Lion-Hearted is captured and held for ransom, evil Prince John (Claude Rains) declares himself ruler of England and makes no attempt to secure Richard's safe return. A lone knight, Robin Hood (Errol Flynn), sets out to raise Richard's ransom by hijacking wealthy caravans traveling through Sherwood Forest. Aided by his lady love, Maid Marian (Olivia de Havilland), and band of merry men (including Alan Hale and Eugene Pallette) Robin battles the usurper John and wicked Sheriff of Nottingham to return the throne to its rightful owner. Dashing, athletic and witty, Flynn is everything that Robin Hood should be, and his adversaries are memorably villainous, particularly Basil Rathbone with whom Flynn crosses swords in the climactic duel. One of the most spectacular adventure films of all time, and features a terrific performance by the perfectly cast Flynn. Only a spirited and extravagant production could do justice to the Robin Hood legend; this film is more than equal to the task. Erich Wolfgang Korngold's score won an Oscar, as did the editing and art direction. 041b061a72


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