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Abstract:The main objective of this work was to present a numerical modelling of crack growth path in linear elastic materials under mixed-mode loadings, as well as to study the effect of presence of a hole on fatigue crack propagation and fatigue life in a modified compact tension specimen under constant amplitude loading condition. The ANSYS Mechanical APDL 19.2 is implemented for accurate prediction of the crack propagation paths and the associated fatigue life under constant amplitude loading conditions using a new feature in ANSYS which is the smart crack growth technique. The Paris law model has been employed for the evaluation of the mixed-mode fatigue life for the modified compact tension specimen (MCTS) with different configuration of MCTS under the linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) assumption. The approach involves accurate evaluation of stress intensity factors (SIFs), path of crack growth and a fatigue life evaluation through an incremental crack extension analysis. Fatigue crack growth results indicate that the fatigue crack has always been attracted to the hole, so either it can only curve its path and propagate towards the hole, or it can only float from the hole and grow further once the hole has been lost. In terms of trajectories of crack propagation under mixed-mode load conditions, the results of this study are validated with several crack propagation experiments published in literature showing the similar observations. Accurate results of the predicted fatigue life were achieved compared to the two-dimensional data performed by other researchers.Keywords: fatigue crack growth; mixed mode; MCTS; ANSYS; LEFM; fatigue life

Parallels Desktop 19.2 Crack FREE Download

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