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Sims 4 Naruto Career

Choosing a career is not easy. You have to check for a lot of things like working hours, simoleons per week, weekends off or on, career progression options, and more. The best jobs in the game (with highest simoleons and career progress options) are:

Sims 4 Naruto Career

This mod includes 15 different modeling careers. You can select one of these and start your journey. Sims 4 Modelling career includes volunteer model, fitness model, social media model, swimsuit model, fashion catalog model, and music video model.

This mod allows you to choose 3 careers; fashion careers, modeling careers, and fashion writing. Fashion career mod includes sketch artist, textile assistant, part-time design assistant, and fashion design, expert. You can also choose the fashion catalog seller or design hobbyist as your all-in-one career level.

A teacher will instruct students in various academic subjects such as music, science, arts, mathematics and help them grow their concepts. Your career will start as a kindergarten teacher from where you can expertise in your job and earn your way up to the superintendent of the school.

Want to make up your living by becoming a trendy and unique makeup artist? The Sims 4 Stylist career mod is a combination of multiple career mods, but the base career is Fashion. After this, you have to increase your level to choose the Ultimate Beauty career. The Sims 4 Stylist career includes Nailpolish salons, Hairdressers, and Make-up-artist.

Does your sims have a good taste and style that will help other sims get a perfect wedding? Does your sim love to celebrate love and compassion? And, most importantly, do you enjoy being a wedding planner?

With this mod, every sim will get a chance to plan out their wedding and get paid for doing what they love. Choose flowers, make a perfect wedding cake, pick up your favorite dress, help with bridezillas, and just make the best memorable moments with your sims.

Originally designed from the sims 4 fortune teller career, this mod allows you to live a magical life. The biggest addition in this mod is the Mischief skill and the scan artist branch, both of which are converted in the sims 3 alchemy skill. In short, you have plenty of great options to focus on your spell casting.

Although you can become a singer in the musician mod, it requires a couple of levels to reach this career. This is a completely standalone mod that requires no conflict. Become a singer and earn through your Albums, songs, music, event shows, and YouTube.

Normally when you join a career, there are default outfits for each job cycle. This mod allows you to plan your own custom outfit in the game. Download sims 4 cc careers outfits and interacts with all mirrors and dressers.

A mortician career mod with 10 custom design change cards. There are 10 levels of progression in this career. The first stage is mortician apprentice, upon which your sim will progress up to the celebrity mortician phase. To level up your success, you have to build logic and charisma skills.

A perfect mod for animal lovers. The mod reflects what you see in a normal vet shop. There are 10 levels introduced in this career, starting from receptionist to veterinary surgeon. However, you have to put in a hard effort to level up your success.


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