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Mafia 3

Hangar 13 and 2K Games wanted to stay true to the quality that many users expected over the previous games. The game uses the graphics software Simplygon.[16] The development team were interested in creating a world based on New Orleans, and eventually decided on setting the game in 1968. The team used a collection of old photographs to recreate the world. Various alterations to the world were made to suit the narrative: the bayou and the city have been positioned at close proximity, despite being at a further distance in real Louisiana; the Superdome stadium was being constructed in 1968, but is excluded from the game. The team intended the world to be accessible for high-speed chases. The team also wanted to move away from the stereotypical Italian mafia scene and represent a different side of gang-related crime scenarios.[17] Another aspect of setting a special tone and atmosphere in the game has been the choice of licensed music. Haden Blackman indicated that Mafia III will include a "ton of great music" from the sixties.[18]

mafia 3

"We've told that story," says lead writer Bill Harms. "We have two previous games and we really wanted to push the franchise forward in interesting ways, but we're also holding onto the kind of tenets of what makes a Mafia game a Mafia game. A gifted antihero, a specific time and place in American history. And honestly, the Italian mafia plays a huge role in this game."

Lincoln allows Harms to tell a more robust and authentic story of the 1968 American South, when the Italian mafia's golden age was coming to a close. Focusing on the black mafia provides a different lens for the series, rather than featuring another white member of the Italian mob.

Not much is known about Cassandra's past, but it's noted that she had a troubled youth, and she presumably grew up in the Caribbean or in the Delray Hollow of New Bordeaux. She would go on to have a daughter named Caroline, who was killed by the Dixie Mafia alongside her mother, leading to her to go against them. Cassandra became the leader of the Haitian mafia in the Hollow, and would put Baka as the false boss to protect her position. Due to the mystery surrounding her, Cassandra was rumored to be a vampire or zombie resurrected via voodoo magic, which is highly unlikely. Running her operations in the Hollow, her base was a voodoo shop that was originally owned by Kilmic Eugene Robbins, but it's unknown how she gained ownership of the property. By 1968, Cassandra would learn that the Black Mob leader, Sammy Robinson, would start to serve Italian mob boss Sal Marcano, which led her to attack his business. 041b061a72


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