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Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes

Super Seducer

The hyper defensiveness is strong in this thread. Anybody trying to defend the game from "supression" or "censorship" is misinformed. You're being played like a fiddle (I suppose he is the super seducer, after all). Richard La Ruina's games aren't erased from existence, there just not available in all stores. Nobody owes this schmuck anything. Meanwhile he's going to gain publicity from an audience trying to position him as a victim. You want to give him your cash? Go ahead.

Super Seducer

im glad we as a community can talk about how we want/dont want to play super seducer on switch. at least the sequel plays off more as a joke, being more self aware with more absurd scenarios. and lol letzgo on full on attack mode with added pokemon talk

Super seducer was recently demmed "erotic" by twitch staff. this is a slippery slope for satire games, as many streamers themselves could be considered "erotic" under the same guidlines of "****** advances/innuendos as the main content of a game" is the primary content of . banning this game means that this streamer as well as and many others should be banned as well 041b061a72


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