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Aaliyah One In A Million Album Download 173l

Aaliyah One In A Million Album Download 173l

If you are looking for a way to download the classic album One in a Million by the late R&B singer Aaliyah, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to get the album in high quality and legally, as well as some background information about the album and its impact on the music industry.


What is One in a Million?

One in a Million is the second studio album by American singer Aaliyah. It was released on August 13, 1996, by Blackground Records and Atlantic Records. Recorded from August 1995 to July 1996, the album features collaborations with a variety of producers and writers, including Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Carl-So-Lowe, J. Dibbs, Jermaine Dupri, Kay Gee, Vincent Herbert, Rodney Jerkins, Craig King, Darren Lighty and Darryl Simmons, as well as several guest appearances, including those from Elliott, Timbaland, Treach and Slick Rick.

One in a Million garnered generally positive reviews from music critics. It debuted at number 20 on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 40,500 copies during its first week and later peaked at number 18; following its 2021 reissue, it reached a new peak at number 10. Within several months, the album was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It has sold over three million copies in the United States and eight million worldwide.

One in a Million produced six singles"If Your Girl Only Knew", "Got to Give It Up", "One in a Million", "4 Page Letter", "The One I Gave My Heart To" and "Hot Like Fire"with "The One I Gave My Heart To" becoming the album's highest-charting single, peaking at number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100. Retrospectively, the album has been listed among the best albums of its era by numerous critics and has been credited for elevating careers of Timbaland and Elliott.

Why is One in a Million important?

One in a Million is widely regarded as one of the most influential albums of the 1990s and beyond. It showcased Aaliyah's maturity and versatility as an artist, as well as her distinctive vocal style that blended smooth R&B with edgy hip-hop beats. The album also introduced Timbaland and Missy Elliott as innovative producers and songwriters who would go on to shape the sound of contemporary music for years to come. Their experimental approach to rhythm, melody and sound effects created a futuristic sonic landscape that was unlike anything heard before. The album also influenced many artists who came after Aaliyah, such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake, The Weeknd and more .

How to download One in a Million legally?

If you want to download One in a Million legally and support Aaliyah's legacy, you have several options. You can stream the album on various platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and more. You can also purchase the album digitally or physically from online stores such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and more. Alternatively, you can borrow the album from your local library or a friend who owns it.

However you choose to listen to One in a Million, you will surely enjoy this masterpiece of R&B music that showcases Aaliyah's talent and vision. The album is not only a testament to her artistic excellence, but also a tribute to her life and legacy that lives on through her music.



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