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Lg Microwave Oven Recipe Book

At LG, we work to give you a better lifestyle and we care for your health too. That's why we bring you Healthy HeartTM Auto cook recipes*. Certified by Heart Care Foundation, these recipes will not only take good care of your heart, but taste buds too. Go ahead, eat smart with LG microwaves.

Lg Microwave Oven Recipe Book


Upgraded the microwave experience with their LG NeoChef Technology, you will have cooking abilities like no other! With the smart inverter technology and a book full of recipes, the LG Neochef microwave oven can do just about anything from heating food, defrosting meat and veggies to even cooking those fresh veggies, LG NeoChef microwave ovens will become your best friend as we enter the coldest month of the year soon in January and meal prep can sometimes become such a big hustle, especially for working individuals.

LG NeoChef microwave oven makes a wonderful difference in your everyday life and cooking experience. No more worrying about baking a quick meal for your family after a long day, or worrying about your microwave not handling different cooking. Get yours today and visit LG UAE to learn more about their latest products.

Cooks all. Cooks easilyLG gives you the perfect reason to have your dream kitchen. With LG range of microwave oven, you can cook everything with just one touch. From stewing to roasting. Roasting to Baking. Browning to Pasteurizing. Barbecuing to Diet Frying. Diet Frying to Heating. Steaming to Grilling.This one does all.

This is again a trade marked technology from LG, where you can cook various kind of snacks which usually requires deep frying in oil, but in this microwave, you can cook those with just 5% oil of the total quantity required in deep frying. And it will surprise you that those snacks include Samosa, bread pakoda, chicken nuggets or even fish amritsari. There are about 12 such recipes to try.

Stem chef includes many modes which are kind of unique with this microwave. In this mode, you can makes Momos, sprouts, steamed chicken, can boil eggs, or can even make Gajar ka halwa. There are 16 such recipes to try.

Ever wondered to make Salad using your microwave? Well even i got surprised to know that you can make Beetroot Salad, Pasta salad, rice salad, chicken in tomato tower, tiranga salad and there are like 14 such recipes to try. In my review period, i just missed out trying this feature but next time i am surely going to try this and shall update this article accordingly.

There are various continental dishes you can make using this microwave like Veg Au Gratin, baked mushroom, potato dumpling, thai chicken, Mediterranean crostini, spaghetti with tomato sauce and more. There are in total 15 recipes you can made in auto mode.

In this mode, which is a combination feature, allows you to cook food with heater and microwave for quick results. You can program the oven to run with microwave power and grill for a cooking time of 25 minutes. You can set three levels of microwave power (180 W, 270 W and 360 W).

In this mode, you can program the oven with microwave 270 W and at a convection temperature 200 deg C for a cooking time of 25 minutes. You can set three levels of microwave power (180 W, 270 W and 360 W).

This is the only microwave with numerous options to choose from. No other competitor of this microwave is even nearby in providing features it is equipped with. With 2 displays and whole auto cooking menu available in buttons with DIAL to choose recipes and temperature level, this microwave looks like an advanced start-of-the-art appliance.

Starting with basic recipes like making steamed rice, Dal, simple veg preparations I graduated into making elaborate preparations with microwave. I started saving on lot of time as I practiced microwave cooking in my kitchen in a more liberal way. During the first couple of trials, we need to be watchful and cautious until you finalize the recipe steps. It then all boils down to following this recipe up to the hilt without much thought.

Short on cabinet space? Give your go-to gadgets a place to call home with this compact kitchen pantry. Crafted from metal in a sleek chrome finish, this budget-friendly piece features two tiers that let you keep mixers, recipe books, and bowls nearby as you cook. Since it measures just 23.6'' H x 19.7'' W x 11.8'' D, this design is a fine fit for narrow nooks and cramped corners. Assembly is required.

Free up counter space with the portable kitchen pantry. The neutral finish on the laminated particleboard gives this handy cart a clean look that matches your existing color palette. Place your microwave, toaster oven, or coffee maker on the top surface to declutter your counters. Have easy access to kitchen towels, pot holders, or platters with the open storage compartment. Behind the 2 doors is a large space perfect for storing pots and pans or crockpots to open up cupboard space. The rolling casters make it easy to position the cart wherever you need it in the kitchen.

Every time you acquire new tools or appliances for your kitchen, the last thing you think of is the space where you will put your fancy new tool. When you arrive at your kitchen you find there is no space because the microwave is there, the toaster is on that place or your utensil space is full. The solution to the problem is this kitchen pantry. Space conscious design makes it a perfect fit on almost any kitchen. On top and two open compartments you can place the microwave, small oven, toaster or blender. The two doors cabinet space brings hidden storage for cookware, canned goods and many more.


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