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Angel Reyes

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Truth be told the problems with Dave started well before the pandemic but the pandemic really seemed to shut down Dave's sex drive. The five years prior to the pandemic Maria figures they had sex maybe a dozen times. When they did have sex it was strictly pump and dump. Dave no longer seemed to care of Maria had an orgasm or not. Once the pandemic hit he seemed shut off completely. It didn't help that he had to continue working deemed an essential worker and she was working in the safety of their home.

49 year old milf

Almost a little over two years ago Maria brought her laptop, external monitor and whatever she thought she might need home. Maria didn't think that the "Two week circuit breaker" would do much to reduce the outbreaks. So she brought everything she might need and set up a spare bedroom as an office. Dave had helped out with setting up the office. During those two days she saw moments of the old Dave but he returned to being cold by the time they went to bed.

Maria did yoga every day. She had been going to yoga classes for over twenty years and looked just about as tight as the younger women in her class. She missed seeing them now that everything was locked down but she was comfortable doing her yoga routine at home by herself. As she turned sideways she placed her hand on her small paunch. Not bad for someone closer to fifty than forty.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and got ready for her work day. The morning flew by answering question after question. This would be her twentieth year with the company she was considered the resident expert on almost everything. Counting the minutes until lunch she exited her final video call. Maria made herself a salad with some chopped up chicken breast.

Maria moved her hand down to her mound. She slid a finger into her pussy relishing the wetness she finds there. She hadn't been this wet in years. She moved her finger to her clit and started playing.

Maria closed her browser feeling more satisfied in years. Maria didn`t care that she was cheating on Dave. She was sure he must have a side piece himself since he never paid her any attention anymore. Dave hadn`t noticed or said anything if he did that her pussy was shaved for the first time in over ten years.

She looked at the chat and saw lots of comments stream by saying she should cum while on the conference call. Under her desk she gave a thumbs up. Maria moved her hand back to her wet pussy and paid attention to her clit. Looking at herself on her work laptop she could see that her face was getting flushed. She knew she was close to cumming. Moving her finger faster and faster Maria felt her orgasm build. She watched herself in the work video call to make sure she wasn`t moving too much. She watched herself cum and felt herself gush. This was the first time she had gushed since before her daughters were born. That meant it had been over 25 year ago. Her eldest daughter was 25.

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