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Nestor Guriev

Inside The Backrooms... __EXCLUSIVE__

Dog Whistle is one of many items found within the Backrooms. When used, it makes a sound that calls all nearby Hounds to your current location. This item can be helpful but may also lead to your demise. Dog Whistles can be found on the ground, inside chests and safes.

Inside The Backrooms...

These zombie-like entities roam the office space and parking garage of the game looking to feed on the dead. Any contact with them will lead to an instant kill so try and avoid them at all costs. They seem to stick to a set pattern of movements so players can mirror their cycle to easily keep them at bay. If they do spot you, run away and hide inside a locker to avoid certain death.

Answer from: Blood HammyYou need to look at the main computer and get the order of the colored post it notes. Then, you look at all the computer monitors and they will have a colored piece of paper with a symbol on them. Write this all down. Once you have the Order of the post it notes and the symbols to those post it notes, you will need to go into the upside down room and open the safe. The safe has a cypher inside that tells you which symbols are which Letters. Once you have decyphers the letters (example: LUAMSHE) You will input that code into the main computer. This will open the blue door. 041b061a72


Moments from the production line.


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