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Nestor Guriev

Dog Pound ^NEW^

The dog pound was formed to maintain stray and at large dogs within the city limits of Martin. Such animals are a nuisance to society and pose threats to the health of the community and to the safety of persons and property alike. The Code Enforcement Officer has the responsibility to control these nuisances through enforcement of city ordinances and Tennessee state statutes.

Dog Pound


The pound is washed every weekday and typically on weekends when the pound is busy. Appropriate disinfectants are used during cleaning. Additionally, special sprays are used when Parvo is identified in a dog that is housed at the pound.

Service members with at least 190 days in the service are welcome to utilize this partnership. You could adopt for free if you are looking to adopt one of the following: dog or cat, at least 2 years of age Or dog or cat with special needs Or dog or cat homeless 6 months+ Or a dog 40+ pounds at adoptionTo adopt through this program, click 041b061a72


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