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Woldemar Yefimov
Woldemar Yefimov

Mauser K98 Blueprints Rapidshare

If you need gun schematics (diagrams or exploded views) with original parts lists with parts descriptions and original parts numbers ...or even original gun blueprints, then the new 11th Edition of Firearms guide is the right tool for you. Zoom it in on your screen to see the smallest gun parts, or just print out as many as you like...every time you like...from any location 24/7.

Mauser K98 Blueprints Rapidshare

Technology today changes faster than ever, but old good guns are still the same. Sometimes they need to be disassembled, cleaned, fixed and then assembled again. For that you need schematics with original parts lists or blueprints. Firearms Guide is here to help as the world's largest gun schematics & blueprints library. It's a dream come true for every gunsmith who can now have thousands of schematics and blueprints available 24/7 for his work. (click on schematic above to get real size schematic)

Below are some of the manufacturers that we presents in Firearms Guide. To see the exact models that we present with schematics and blueprints please click HERE to go to our Schematics Library to check the presented manufacturers and models. To get them quickly please click HERE


Moments from the production line.


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