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Nestor Guriev
Nestor Guriev

Linux Mint 21 Vanessa ISO Images: Direct and Torrent Download Links

Linux mint 21 is not a supported OS but it is based on Ubuntu 20.04 so make sure you are downloading the RStudio installer that is specific for Ubuntu 22.04 (they have the same name but they are not the same)

linux mint 21 vanessa download

Now you have to replace linuxmint-21-*-64bit.iso with the correct path of the ISO file downloaded on your system and /dev/sdX with the path of your attached USB disk.

thank you very much for sharing this news, I love linux mint, but I think there is an error in the app to rename files in batches I think it's called Bulky and if I'm not mistaken Thingy is for documents and pdf's, otherwise it's great, thank you very much!!.


Moments from the production line.


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