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Card UI €? Material Cards Icon Pack V1.1.9 Apk [UPDATED]

A lot of distributions allow easy installation of packages via the graphical desktop, i.e. by double-clicking the package file's icon. Please consult your distribution's documentation if you are unsure how to install packages.

Card UI – Material Cards Icon Pack v1.1.9 Apk

As of September 9th, 2019 the following is the history of Pwnix Releases as reflected in the /opt/pwnix/chef/CHANGELOG file2019-09-09 -- version 1.9.19General:- Remove Louis gem (from public repo) dependency- Use patrous_fati gem from Pwnieexpress GitHub and not public Ruby gem repo- Remove portly2019-08-29 -- version 1.9.18General:- Perform backup before px-system-update- BlueHydra to sync all devices to Pulse and perform hard_reset before each sync- Hermes - renew expired certificates2019-06-25 -- version 1.9.17General:- Fix insight_api/api_endpoints/vulnerability_scanner.rb for px-openvas-report-fallback- Discard "N/A - Random Address" in BlueHydra scan2019-05-12 -- version 1.9.16General:- Fix OpenVas connection check in px-connection-dr script- Make use of /etc/lsb-release.conf file to determine OS version codename- Changes required for kalirepo update2019-01-16 -- version 1.9.15General:- GPG key expired on updates server- Created new key, signed images, replaced public key2018-06-05 -- version 1.9.14General:- Fix AD integration insight api plugin- Prune OpenVAS plugins after upgrade- Cleanup AD integration on deregistration from Pulse2018-04-09 -- version 1.9.13General:- Fix AD integration status reporting- Fix PwnScan and BlueHydra config parsing from Pulse- Fix update endpoint used by Pulse2018-04-06 -- version 1.9.12General:- Fix configuration updates for reverse shells from Pulse- Fix status reporting of shells to Pulse2018-04-02 -- version 1.9.11General:- InsightAPI ...updated local UI- InsightAPI fixed all reverse shells- InsightAPI added HTTP and Proxy type shells- InsightAPI added user management- Make reverse shells more reliable- Remove color from scripts exposed through web interface- Add ability to completely disable OpenVAS- Add error handling to system health check- Fix passive recon's OS detection log- Fix passive recon's HTTP log- PwnScan add current scans to context- PwnScan confirm IP rolled when coming from passive arp- PwnScan increase arpscan speed- Fix updating over reverse shells- Update all Ruby gems- PF dont respect AP updates that try to change bands2018-03-01 -- version 1.9.10General:- BlueHydra fix btmon parsing due to bitrot- BlueHydra info scan rate changed to 4 min from 1 minute- BlueHydra 3 minute granularity, sync every 3 minutes- BlueHydra stop unknown company_data flapping- BlueHydra prevent from DDOSing cloud with runtime failue loops- Remove CWIPS from updates- Remove Trihard from updates- Fix OpenVAS status endpoint in insight- Update PX scripts to properly hit insight endpoints- Remove kali1 migrations (shells)- Kismet slow down channel hopping- No longer install radiotap-signals- PwnScan fix OpenVAS endpoint- PF Handle multiple cloaked SSIDs- PF Add signal threshold for client and AP detection- PF Disregard channel 0- PF reduce message flapping2018-02-07 -- version 1.9.9General:- Fix upstream Kali key from improper rolling2018-01-12 -- version 1.9.8General:- Sensor Notifications adjust throttle to 1 per minute per event- Upgrade to Ruby 2.3.6- PwnScan add IP context cache for smarter scanning- PwnScan track dirty attributes; cache hook, change integrity check- PwnScan throttle remote target notifications once per run- PwnScan abstract DM rescues to function call instead of manual rescues everywhere- PwnScan fix dark magic voodoo nmap timeout parsing for smaller queues- PwnScan lower subnet scan timeout to 120- PwnScan smarter sync throttling to further prevent cloud race condition- PwnScan sync thread reduced to every 12 hours from every 1 hour- PwnScan add config flag for intrusive scans to be turned off- BlueHydra make sensor events optional for open source users- BlueHydra update parser to handle new version of BlueZ- BlueHydra automatically reject obviously bad data and warn- CWIPS handle disconnection from Kismet- CWIPS minor parse improvementMobile:- Dont install ifplugd2017-12-08 -- version 1.9.7General:- Remove Ardennais Plus definition- Add Shire and Shire Plus definitions- AtCtMon Validate db is sane- AtCtMon quiet the no modem error- AtCtmon fix the failed lookup errors- AtCtMon update the lookup table- AtCtMon reset the dongle every 3 hours instead of 8- Limit RAM usage for Kismet and Openvas-scanner- Added intel microcode for ardennais and shire errata- PwnScan add port confidence for weighted updates- PwnScan retry checks for fatal network failures at runtime- PwnScan "fix" sprintf on incomplete packets for passive arp- PwnScan downgrade troubleshooting output from warn to debug- PwnScan move tsa line warning- Watchdog will restart if unable to map 50M RAM- PatFat updated to avoid microsecond race- Openvas pause scans during update and resume after- CWIPS improve parsing- CWIPS move warning to more useful place- Openvas pause before updating and resume after2017-11-17 -- version 1.9.6General:- Bump Patfat version to fix errors in log- Sensor Notifications - gather version at startup to avoid OOM while processing OOM notifications- PwnScan/DHCP0f fix domain parsing/passing- PwnScan throw out invalid looking domain_names passed from DHCP0f- PwnScan fix in logic during port fingerprint analysis- PwnScan add explicit passive cache deletion for remote hosts on save model hook- More properly ban kernel 4.9, additionally ban 4.12- Remove non-existant unused package xtables-addons-common from the install list- Revert improper removal of non systemd support2017-11-03 -- version 1.9.5General:- AtCtMon bandaid- Hermes rescue broken connections to keep logs cleaner- InsightAPI ensure directories exist- Remove dead SMS code- Fix service wants/requires in systemd- Remove unneeded GPSD package on fixed sensors- Trihard config validation- Remove Kali 1 support- BlueHydra consistency check on DB- InsightAPI config validation fix- Pwnix Service files cleanup- Add Watchdog- Dhcp0f ignore failure- Dhcp0f pass domain name if available- PwnScan weight hostname- PwnScan parse domain name from dhcp into fqdn when possible- PwnScan speed up slowest db access by a factor of 5- PwnScan ensure hosts are set offline- PwnScan bring passive arp back into targets- PwnScan intelligent IP handling from passive dhcp- PwnScan hosts unthrottled on meaningful changes- PwnScan arp_up savior added- PwnScan stop port fingerprint flapping from time data- PwnScan extra sync measures to prevent cloud CDP race condition- PwnScan disable dns resolution when not required- Patfat Include last_visible time with SSIDs- Patfat Include whether it is likely that an AP is broadcasting multiple SSIDs (as opposed to transitioning to another SSID)- Patfat Do not expire the last SSID an AP has to reduce flapping (will still be removed when it's presence rotates out after two hours)- Patfat Fix race with two last_visible calls that extremely rarely may cause a nil exception- Patfat Fix nil check issue when an item has expired but we're still trying to identify how long it was visible for2017-09-28 -- version 1.9.4General:- PwnScan fix mark online call- PwnScan pass score for best device_type match2017-09-27 -- version 1.9.3General:- Blue Hydra stun database instead of cause backlog- Blue Hydra cleanup ancient stuff from db (lowers RAM usage slightly)- CWIPS add wireshark 2.4 support- CWIPS slightly modify hop/xmit pattern- PwnScan dhcp0f and fingerbank support- PwnScan port timeout detection improvement- PwnScan host inspection queue push/pop reorder- PwnScan status thread poke recently offline hosts2017-08-24 -- version 1.9.2General:- Blue Hydra must be root to start- Blue Hydra CUI filtering *glory*- CWIPS add new prevention rules- Remove deprecated sshd_config options- Make automated testing available on sensor with gusto- Remove OpenVAS temporary tasks when not needednoise from PXT- Add sensor events to PXT- Deregistration / restart insight last- Re-add aircrack-ng for EvilAP- PwnScan improve matching logic - split local and remote, refine local rules further- PwnScan add host inspection thread/queue/scan for individual host scanning- PwnScan auto detect host (port) scan timeouts and inspect host further- PwnScan improve host status checking- PwnScan improve port scan used for port savior checking - stops port flapping- PwnScan fix host OS updating around OS info (accuracy vs source ranking)- PwnScan inspect hosts based on status changes- PwnScan drop all scan timeouts- PwnScan improve service scan accuracy- PwnScan stop SMB vuln detection from creating cloud side duplicates for new records- Fix OpenVAS provisioning for Kali 1- Bump Louis version: update OUI database, minor performance improvements- CWIPS - Add channel verification- CWIPS - Add RSSI API- BlueHydra - Add RSSI API- Trihard - Consume rssi api from cwips and bluehydra- Hermes handle and shame failed insight calls which return no dataMobile:- Actually export Blue Hydra in CSV2017-07-21 -- version 1.9.1General:- MOTD last thing done on update- Diasble older SSL connection options Hermes & Connection Dr- PwnScan blob targets uniq fix- Ease upgrade of hosts which upgraded from Kali 1- Prevent chef from updating more than once a day- Add cwips events for demo purposesMobile:- Remove too specific deps on libbtbb and libubertooth2017-07-17 -- version 1.9.0General:- InsightAPI AdNauseam rename fix- InsightAPI expand permitted update pack target names- px connection dr stop testing things we dont connect to- OpenVAS submit report ourselves if it fails to- OpenVAS remove --deep, dangerous and mostly untested- px update openvas update OpenVAS9- fix pwnscan.service to actually run netvalid prestart- autorun dist-upgrade after adding Pwnie debian repo- restart redis immediately on upgrade- PwnScan fix vlan helper IPAddr include? bug- PwnScan fix port flapping bug- PwnScan add more fatal notifications- PwnScan add eth0 check, add overlapping target check- make update slightly quieter- make update more resiliant to dpkg failures- downgrade broken kernels- kernel safety check to ensure broken kernel isnt installed- fix logic bug forcing reinstallation of ruby dev every update- improve logic for kernel change reboots2017-07-10 -- version 1.8.10General:- Minor fix to ruby development check- Minor fixes to gold image script- Tweak to openvas update logic (what utility gets run)- Don't log martian packets- Don't manipulate legacy service unless required2017-07-06 -- version 1.8.9General:- Add Trihard alpha- Add CWIPS public beta- Rename AdNauseam- Catch oom errors and exit when possible- Update for OpenVAS9- Realtime Wireless drop sqlite internally- Realtime Wireless vast performance improvments- Realtime Wireless now tracking wireless assets over a longer period of time- Realtime Wireless assets now have an internal history, allowing more reliable logic on their uptime and state- Realtime Wireless more reliably track client's probes- Realtime Wireless adjusted connection logic to reduce noise and false connections- Realtime Wireless added comprehensive test coverage over all business logic- Vuln Scan minor adjustments to client library to handle unexpected disconnects- Prevent vuln scan from triggering errors in insight's logs- Ensure OpenVAS is restarted after database migrations- Add safety checks and notifications to sensor upgrade- Only permit sensor to update to the same version once per day- BlueHydra add sensor notifications for errors- BlueHydra remove excessive sync to pulse- Hermes expose currently running jobs through process names- Pwnix utils add sensor notifications- Px subnet info (re)add sensor's non-normalized IP- Px troublshooter show top 5 memory users, up from 2- Pwnix chef add sensor notifications- Fix sensor notificaiton rate limiting- Bump nmap version- Send event crashes wont propegate to code that includes it- Insight plugin cleanup and fixes- PwnScan large refactor, performance optimizations- PwnScan newly created host save relationships at sync- PwnScan validate sensors network configuration in systemd pre-start- PwnScan use iNotify- PwnScan port closing bug fix- PwnScan newly created host double status check bug fix- PwnScan status thread lookalike bug fix- PwnScan passive arp offline host creation bug fix- PwnScan deduplicate macs at startup- PwnScan enforce macs are unique across all records while creating and updating- PwnScan resultsprocessor ignore single IP targets in set_hosts_offline- PwnScan fix changed to reflect changed not last_seen in attribute meta- PwnScan reorder + add in reliable attributes to also consider in matching- PwnScan track targeted hosts with passive arp too- PwnScan scan queue wont allow overlapping CIDRs- PwnScan removes dead targets from queue if config changes- PwnScan fix nmap smb vuln parsing after nmap verison bump2017-05-26 -- version 1.8.8General:- Chef cleanup warnings- Chef disabled services now masked- Hermes handle unified config messages from Pulse- Hermes sync time to pulse on connection- InsightAPI add network_info to system properties- InsightAPI add config valid check for PwnScan in system properties- InsightAPI write status file when updating Pulse- InsightAPI multiple Ruby 1.9 fixes- sync_properties handle corrupt properties file- add SensorEvents (Pulse SensorNotifications)- px-connection-dr now validates sni MITM- px-subnet-info add json mode and normalize subnet- px-system-id add hardware detection- BlueHydra fix various warnings- PwnScan prevent multiple instances from running concurrently- PwnScan add timestamps to all attributes_meta (includes startup migration)- PwnScan remove redundant less accurate data (os version)- PwnScan add attribute meta reset- PwnScan stop shipping os_accuracy to Pulse (its unused)- PwnScan add sensor notifications- PwnScan add fatal error for no valid px-subnet-info data- PwnScan add in_targets boolean on network hosts- PwnScan dont send to pulse while starting- PwnScan dont sync to pulse unless there is a reason to- PwnScan simplify marking hosts online, offline and duplicate- PwnScan format hostnames consistently- PwnScan merge smb-os script data with nmaps os data instead of overriding- PwnScan remove discovery and service scans in favor of smb-os-service scan to reduce inaccurate data and simplify matching- PwnScan only rewrite the config if it changed and fix target validation and remove old keys- PwnScan remove expensive db query for debug log- PwnScan bump version and fix spec- PwnScan dont double send hard reset- PwnScan refactor vulnscan thread and add vulnscan flush- PwnScan simplify passive arp offliner- PwnScan allow status thread to mark hosts in target subnet online as well as offline- PwnScan allow_match consistency check- PwnScan rename variables from reserved words2017-05-02 -- version 1.8.7General:- CWIPS fix kismet integration- Patfat remove sqlite db- Vulnscan dont scan when OpenVAS considers a target invalid- px-subnet-info more safety checks- px-system-id get MACs from wizard not macchanger due to macchanger bug- px-system-id get specific ssd serials, not a jumble of all of them- PwnScan add gateway_ip,gateway_mac,interface detected on, vlan detected on, subnet detected on- PwnScan avoid double sync_to_pulse on new host creation to avoid cloud race- PwnScan validate network information and cache when reading in- Add Ardennais PlusMobile:- fix freeradius wpe configs- read MAC address through wizardry instead of macchanger2017-04-21 -- version 1.8.6General:- Tags were incorrectly applied to repos2017-04-21 -- version 1.8.5General:- insight_api send up system information for all registered sensors- insight_api add Credential Request plugin- px_subnet_info add gateway MAC when available- add Pwnie apt repository- PatFat correctly parse encryption type- PatFat detect WPS properly- AdNauseam beta (v0.0.2) Pulse + Credential management- px-subnet-info fix several bugs- PwnScan fix passive arp reply parsing- PwnScan add cache for network information + warnings- PwnScan add discovered_by Network Host model- PwnScan add IP validation on Network Host model- PwnScan more reliably pass source for attributes meta- PwnScan only actively scan things in targets- PwnScan default logger to info to surpress early debug log leakage- PwnScan use passive arp to offline hosts not in targets- PwnScan passive arp only used for hosts outside of targets- PwnScan automatically create new DB if DB is corrupt- PwnScan fix network config warnings and elevate to error- PwnScan validate host offline if possible not just missing from scan results2017-04-04 -- version 1.8.4General:- PwnScan fix for non-scoped targets- PwnScan more information for non-scoped targets- CWIPS alpha with channel control2017-03-31 -- version 1.8.3General:- add AdNauseam alpha- add Cool WIPS alpha- blue_hydra add sighup support for logrotation- blue_hydra lower severity of debug message- blue_hydra fix service data leaking into service name- hermes fix tests, code cleanup, dead code removal- hermes fixing breaks in read threads- insight drop direct manipulation of Pwnscan config file- insight fix crash when scanned by OpenVAS- realtime wireless add safelogger- px troubleshooter add new services and top memory users- insight, patfat - fix logrotate- blue_hydra, pwnscan - add logrotate- pwnscan add config validate mode- pwnscan handle sighup rereads config and reinits logger- pwnscan replace magic with standardized deep magic- pwnscan fix to work on moto- pwnscan remove local and remote targets in favor of targets- pwnscan fix discovery scan to scan things in db- pwnscan initial discovery scan blocks like it was intended to- pwnscan another hard reset on update - simple vulnscan was bad- massively update ruby gems in useMobile:- fix typo in kismet one touch script2017-03-17 -- version 1.8.2General:- debian needs ifupdown to configure network interfaces but somehow it isn't default2017-03-15 -- version 1.8.1General:- w3af-console is no longer found in Packages upstream- drop some unneeded packages2017-02-09 -- version 1.8.0General:- px-subnet-info -l add vlan information- px-subnet-i


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