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American Horror Story 3x5 !!BETTER!!

At Hawthorne, Bubbles and Myrtle have surprised the warlocks with a meal and whilst Myrtle stokes the warlocks egos and distracts them with a story about her and Bubbles in Barcelona, Bubbles uses her magic to read their souls and discover the truth that Augustus conspired to have John Henry Moore murdered and plan on murdering the witches too. As the witches use their powers to make the warlocks tired and go to bed, Bubbles reveals this to Myrtle, who says now it is "kill or be killed."

American Horror Story 3x5

Hi, as to publication dates: the publication date in Orbit should -in case of a translated story- be the date of first appearance of the translation used. Another thing: my guess is that 'De Boekenplank' has its data from Note that, when comparing cover and reported contents, there are some discrepancies: complete stories seem to be missing. I am searching for more content, but I haven't found much yet.--Dirk P Broer 05:58, 30 August 2018 (EDT)

If we don't have access to a copy, all we can do is make a guess based on the publisher's history. For example, has a history of publishing novellas as 150-200 page long books, e.g. see All Systems Red. Still, it remains a guess until we can confirm the page count. I deal with it all the time when I work on Fixer's submissions. In borderline cases I try to add a note to the effect that the exact word count is unknown and the work may have to be reclassified once it becomes know. Ahasuerus 10:39, 14 December 2018 (EST)

You can do that with one edit - as long as the strips are in one publication only. Just change the date next to the contents line of that story on editPub. If they are greyed out, then you will need to do it one by one because this means the story is also elsewhere. But if it is just one pub, that is much easier. Annie 20:39, 23 September 2019 (EDT)

When you mark a story as juvenile/graphic and so on (any of the 4 check-boxes), don't forget that its container also needs to be marked as such when it is published as a chapbook. Or they will popup on a report and someone else needs to do them :) Annie 18:44, 31 October 2019 (EDT)

You may want to be careful with those - they do not work very well as links. When you see the link in the Watchlist (or in a history), it won't send you to the correct entry if you use a template (because the text on the page does not match the text on the list) -- thus making it very hard to navigate a page for the more active editors. Using the templates in the body of the message is fine, using just plain text on the subject line makes everyone's life much easier :) Annie 15:14, 6 February 2020 (EST)

And a trick from Annie's bag of tricks: When you work with collections: After you approve one of them, even if "Find Duplicates" after the approve tells you there is nothing, go to the author page and run it from there and click through the Similar and Aggressive mode. This will find things like A/The mismatch and so on. Look very carefully on both - most will be false matches but occasionally there is a story that needs to be varianted (or clarified). Not that it is not useful for anthologies as well but... too many authors - with collections at least it is a single place :) Annie 21:09, 6 May 2020 (EDT)

Just a small reminder -- we change the name of a piece of art or a story from what is inside of the magazine only when there is a confusion in the names - aka same (title, name) pair. So this should have been rejected - only one of those needs renaming (the second Richard A. Dübell one). And we never add [1]. The relevant help page is here. Thanks! :) Annie 14:39, 2 June 2020 (EDT)

No need to add the incomplete template on an empty anthology/magazine - we have a separate report for empty ones and they are obviously empty when you open them. :) Once the first story is in, we do need the template indeed because there is no way to differentiate between full or incomplete but empty are covered in a different way. :) Annie 15:35, 29 January 2021 (EST)

-bin/pl.cgi?392465; a few thoughts about this one. First, it's been a couple of hundred edits since I did this, but I remember vaguely that afterwards I noticed "Softly, the Night Whispers" in Bad Candy was an alternate of same title without the comma, I think. Now that's fixed but there's a 2007 record because that's what copyright page for Bad Candy said. I have a feeling either it was a misprint and should have said 2003 or he included it in 1 of his story collections and used that date ( misprinted dates in small-press pubs. are very common, and Melniczek published lots of obscure small-press books so there may be one or more not on ISFDB). It's a little annoying having that phantom record floating in between the other two, but that's just the way it is. I also notice Fabric of Memories also has a 2003 date but doesn't come from the 2003 book where other story came from, so who knows where it was first published. Lastly, I asked on the Portal if Bad Candy should be an anthology instead of a collection and you agreed, but now I see 2003 book, Dark Harvest, where "Softly..." came from is a 2-author book, so shouldn't that also be an anthology? --Username 14:22, 6 September 2021 (EDT)

This is very weird and this is the only case where this had been done that way. We can ignore them (please do not just ignore them) from the report but there needs to be a very good note explaining why exactly this needs to be done that way (or just the books that contain the stories with this attribution need to be added). Please note that if you are working from site/source where titles and/or authors can be credited weirdly for the awards (and not based on how they are actually published), a better (and used) practice is to attach the award to the actually published story and add a note on the award page for any weird attribution. Thanks! Annie 14:27, 6 October 2021 (EDT)

-christopher-wren-odd-but-even-so-john-murray-1941-first-edition; -edition/Odd-P-Wren-Macrae-Smith/8130322176/bd; I see someone just approved my 3 story title fixes for this collection, but it seems to have all become tangled in the record. As it turns out, the Murray edition, while using P.C. Wren on the cover, has the same full name on the title page (there's also a raggedy Guild Books "Services Edition" reprint on which also uses the full name, although they drop the "Stories Stranger Than Fiction" subtitle), so there really are no variants needed; all stories in the collection should be under the full name for both editions. Also, they reversed the order of the last 2 stories between editions for some reason, and that AbeBooks photo of the contents page shows most of the page numbers, unlike the eBay copy which shows none. So I can enter page #'s for Murray and partial #'s for the other, but I'd like to get the variant issue cleared up first, when you have time to fix that. Also of note is that the 2 ISFDB editions have very different page counts while the Archive edition is much lower than either. --Username 14:02, 22 July 2022 (EDT)

Thank you for approving my very first new publication submission! -bin/pl.cgi?913367 Please let me know what I should have done better, because I plan to do more very soon.Now I must ask: how do these story translations get added to the existing story listings? Is this something I can do/propose/initiate on my end, or is it left to you hapless editors to do by hand? I did not know who my victimeditor would be, so I made notes on my own Talk page along with links to the existing records: User_talk:Tkech#Nowa_Fantastyka_9_.2896.29_1990 Please advise. Thanks! Tkech 21:02, 2 September 2022 (EDT)

Perhaps the greatest weakness of our public school system today is theinability, because of our division between church and state, to give theboy any religious instruction in connection with what is styled "seculareducation." For the first time in the history of the world has religiousinstruction been barred from the public school, and that in our freeAmerica. Most intelligent Christian men now realize that, because of thedivision between church and state in our country, religious instructionin the public school is impossible, as the school is the instrument ofthe state in the production of wealth-producing citizenship. The men whowith clear vision see these things also see this limitation of thepublic school system and recognize that the church has a larger missionto fulfill in America than in any other country, it the education of theboy is to be symmetrical and well balanced.

Exhibition: Pet Show Mandolin and Guitar Fests Fireside and Joke NightsSpelling Bee History Bee Geography Quiz Hallowe'en Night Pop-cornFestival Masked Partners Library Party Supper or Banquet Father and SonSpread Class Guest of Class Calendar Exhibit Coin Exhibit Stamp ExhibitArts and Crafts Photographs Wild Flower Tree and Plant Sea ShellPost-cards

Another thing is necessary for good sex instruction. Up till a littlewhile ago it was the custom of workers with boys to caution the ladsagainst self-abuse. They used all kinds of colored slides and fearfulexamples to impress on the boy the horror of the act, and very ofteninflamed the boy to exactly the thing they were shooing him from. Buttoday we are learning the fact that the positive is of more force thanthe negative, and that the "thou shalt" is better than the "thou shaltnot." There is a real reason why the later adolescent boy should give noattention to the "thou shalt not," and so fall into the snare of thenegative; for it is the law of his being to "prove all things." It isfar better to lay emphasis on the legitimate purposes of the boy's sexlife, the glory it gives him and the beauty of the self-sacrifice itbegets, than to say a single word on the other side.

Temperance embraces the abstaining from everything that challengesself-control. The two deadliest foes of young life today are admittedlyalcoholic drinks and the cigarette, and any crusade against these forthe conservation of the boy in his teens should be welcomed. It is well,however, to keep in mind that profane language, the suggestive story,undue sex familiarity, athletic overindulgence, excessive attendance atthe moving picture shows, or entertainment places, the public dance, andother things of like ilk in the community, exert a doubtful influence onboy life. 041b061a72


Think tank for dissolvable PP bag evolution.


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