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Lloyd Phillips
Lloyd Phillips

Batman HD Live Wallpaper BETTER

Animated wallpaper is a cross between a screensaver and desktop wallpaper. Like a normal wallpaper, an animated wallpaper serves as the background on your desktop, which is visible to you only when your workspace is empty, i.e. no program windows block it from view.

Batman HD Live Wallpaper

Reviews have been rave, and I can attest, it lives up to the hype. And sad as it is to say it, the untimely death of Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker brilliantly, has only generated more intrigue around the film. And advance ticket sales are unprecedented. Over 700 showings over the weekend are already

Verizon Wireless and Nokia are teaming up to create the Nokia6205 The Dark Knight Edition. This batphone targets superfans, with bat wallpaper, voice tones, screensavers, and the film's trailer pre-loaded. Who knows how many of the phones will sell, but the Verizon-Dark Knight ads certainly catch my attention. 041b061a72


Think tank for dissolvable PP bag evolution.


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