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[S5E11] All The Comforts Of Home

When the agents arrive home, they meet a new Recorder character named Noah who points out that the Kree beacon is active. Not wanting to summon Kree to Earth, because they just got back from a future where Kree ruled and it kinda sucked, the agents set out to shut down the beacon. Daisy stays behind and has to deal with the unexpected arrival of an old friend.

[S5E11] All the Comforts of Home

The first pod of the season was informally referred to by the production team as S.H.I.E.L.D. in Space.[50] The original impetus for the season was to give the team a new base to operate out of, which became the Lighthouse. From this, a "cold pitch" idea for the end tag of season four was that Coulson would be in space. After this was pursued for the season, it was realized that "getting to space was such a cool reveal that you didn't have another cool reveal after that", so it was further developed to be Earth in the future.[51] Ahead of the season premiere, executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen said that "every year we reset the series, and this year we definitely knew that it would be the most giant reset to date [with the characters going to space]. Just creatively across the board for everyone, art direction, all of it, our sets, you'll see an overhaul."[52] On the move to space, Whedon commented, "Last year was about tearing everybody apart. We spent a lot of time doing that ... So our goal this year was... putting [this] family together in an intense situation [that] will end up causing drama internally, inevitably.... we've spent this many years with them, let's throw them on the craziest roller coaster adventure we could think of."[53] The writers were having trouble keeping track of the events in the season until a diagram was created for the time loop.[51] The main characters eventually return home to their time period.[54]

Prin goes on to explain that he was a Cardassian civilian at the time of the Occupation, and he was burned and terribly disfigured by a bomb used to assassinate Gul Pirak, who had executed fifteen Bajoran farmers for refusing to display the Cardassian banner outside their homes. Fala had shown the Resistance how to circumvent his defense system, Latha built the bomb, and the device was planted on a window by Kira herself while Lupaza and Furel stood guard. The bomb was much more powerful than necessary to kill only its target, and the resulting explosion claimed twelve lives in total, including Gul Pirak's entire family, and crippled twenty-three others who were servants in Pirak's home, including Prin, who merely laundered Pirak's clothes. Prin has clearly grown more than a little insane since the attack: he continues his long monologues about darkness and light and explains that he was cautious in his murders to not hurt innocent bystanders, as he could have killed all the vedaks in the temple, Dax and Worf while aboard the runabout or half the people aboard Deep Space 9. Therefore, he logically intends to cut out Kira's baby, killing her and "saving" the child from being "corrupted by [her] darkness", so he can "raise it in the light". Prin feels that Kira is a murderer because she killed Cardassian civilians on Bajor along with soldiers and feels no regret for her actions. Kira responds by saying that the Cardassians had no right to be on Bajor in the first place, and for fifty years, they stole food from the land while enslaving, torturing, and killing its people for profit and pleasure. Therefore all the Cardassians, from soldiers to civilians, were equally guilty and all were legitimate targets.

And I became responsible for all of the social justice issues that we encountered at DART so things like human trafficking, food insecurity, homelessness, and mental health, job access. And we did some really incredible things there. And then COVID happened and the shakeup across the industry occurred and I was offered a position to, to move up a little bit and become the Director of Government Relations here at DCTA.

Mischa Wanek-Libman: That's great, Brittney, and I will say our evaluation committee, you mentioned the, the social justice issues and that was one of the things that stood out to us. And it's not these issues aren't justendemic to transit. I mean, there they're problems everywhere, the food insecurity, homelessness, human trafficking.

Luis leaves when his brother comes for him and Molly comes home to an empty house. But, in a shocking moment, it turns out that Molly had legally married Luis at the end of July and so his visa wouldn't actually expire.

Terry and Gina discuss her return to the precinct, and she tells him that she needs a place to pump milk for her baby. However, she has been leaving the pump and going back home. She tells Terry that she feels like a failure after not being a good mother. Terry comforts her by telling her that he had felt the same way when raising his twins.

After, husband-and-wife team Bill and Sonia Massey of The Restroom Kit show off their portable product made for those who need to use a restroom away from home, particularly in public where the bathrooms can be especially unsanitary. Their engaging and entertaining pitch makes the judges laugh. Will it make them open the elevator doors? 041b061a72


Think tank for dissolvable PP bag evolution.


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