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Where To Buy Dahon Bikes LINK

Folding bikes come in all variations to fit right on into your lifestyle, be it the urban commute, where you fold right on up into the office, or a weekend away with bikes for the family all stashed in your trunk.

where to buy dahon bikes


From the leading manufacturer of folding bikes, the eight-speed Dahon Mariner D8 offers the features and performance most commuter cyclists may want in a folding model, all in a practical, affordable package. First, the Mariner D8 is comfortable to ride, going smoothly over bumps and shifting fluidly up and down hills. Second, it folds and unfolds quickly, and it latches securely into both modes. Its design also addresses practical concerns: The Mariner D8 has fenders to thwart rainy-road splashes onto clothing, a rear rack to carry stuff, and the option for a frame-mounted front bag. Finally, this bike is a good value. As with full-size bikes, with folding models you generally get what you pay for. But priced at around $870, the Mariner D8 is a good-quality folding bike with the features you need.

We started by zeroing in on the brands and models that had good reputations and good reviews from other outlets, such as BikeRadar, Folding Bike Guy, Momentum Mag, and Bicycling. With our experts, we discussed at length the merits of a variety of options, as well as the specs to use as limiting factors to narrow the field. We settled on bikes with:

There are many different brands offering folding bikes, and what might be the perfect option for one person may be the wrong one for another. Key differences can be found in folding mechanism, wheel size, weight and price.

Lightweight folding bikes: If you intend to be hoisting the bike on and off trains, then it's understandable that you want it to be light. This can be achieved through using a lighter frame material. Brompton has introduced titanium to its range and there are brands, such as Hummingbird, making carbon folders. Higher quality components will also reduce the weight, as will opting for fewer gears - such as a singlespeed version - but this will only really suit someone who doesn't expect to come across many hills in their use of the bike.

Electric folding bikes: In the past few years, electric folding bikes have become a genre of their own. The addition of a motor usually makes for a greater overall mass, but weights are ever-decreasing and the additional power will make ascents significantly easier.

The best folding bikes are different from other bikes for one obvious reason. The clue is in the name: they fold. The ability of these machines to become suitcase-sized makes them perfect for taking on the train. It means you don't need to leave a bike locked at the station, and it's there to hop on at the other end of the train journey, too.

Yes, you can take regular non-folding commuter bikes (which feature among the best hybrid bikes) on trains but often not during rush hour services and never on a number of services such as the London Underground and you may have to book a slot with some train companies. A folding bike gets around those problems if you are commuting by bike.

In 2008, to celebrate 25 years of production, Dahon produced a special edition based on the Mµ series of bikes - the Mµ XXV. 250 of these machines were produced.[citation needed] In March 2009, they announced that they would produce 1,000 sets of a special edition bike based on its Curve D3 folding bike with the Spanish design firm Kukuxumusu.[22] 2012 marked the company's 30th anniversary, and Dahon produced 300 limited edition bikes to honor the occasion.[23] The bicycles are based on the popular Mµ frame and feature high-end carbon parts.

The 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 winners of the Smithfield Nocturne folding bike race, held in the market district of Smithfield, London, rode Dahon folding bikes. The 2012 winner, Jeroen Janssen, pedaled to victory on the 30th Anniversary limited edition bike.[34][35] Dahon also sponsored the annual event from 2007 to 2010.[36][37]

Want to add a little kick? Get an extra boost with the new, custom PUNCH Electric Assist Kits for our folding bikes. We'll attach a motor, battery and everything you need to get up to speed or up a hill with more zing for only $599 for only $399. Learn more.

Ditch the underground, dis the bus and feel the breeze commuting on the open road. We'll zip you home and back or zag you through town on our foldable electric bikes. Check out the 20in LONDON electric folding bike for $1,299 or the LIL LONDON 16in 1-speed for $999.

We only offer our bikes direct -- no big megazonic resellers or unnecessary in-betweens. Just direct from us to you. So our prices don't have any extra fluff. They represent our absolute best effort to get you the most excellent value we can.

We've been offering our folding bikes direct for over 15 years -- and we're always innovating and listening. Our customers are our co-pilots. Our designs represent the combined experience of our company and community to bring the best bikes and accessories at incredible prices.

Citizen Bike is a lifestyle of going and being human, transportation solutions for your life that are practical, affordable and fun. Our exciting line of folding bicycles is value and style conscious, focusing on innovative, affordable and handsome transportation. We've packed in as much as we could into our bikes at a price to let everyone experience the joy and convenience of foldable bikes.

We're proud to be celebrating over fifteen years of helping people get going and being human. Through the years, we've been adventure enablers, commuting companions, and unfolding new journeys right at home. We're prouder than ever of our folding bikes and excited to share them with you. Thanks for the ride and we look forward to rolling on together.

If there was a better way to describe how much I LOVE my bike I'd use it LOL. I got my bike in May 2016 as a birthday gift from my fiance. It has been my best friend ever since. I ride practically everywhere with it and I am always being stopped in stores and on the street when I am riding it. I easily ride at least 6-10 miles a day on it and I love it. I plan on having more adventures with my bike, which is now my best friend LOL.

I just finished nearly six miles on another awesome ride on my Citizen Tokyo. I have another bike, but it's hanging in the garage and hard to get down and doesn't fit in my car. The Tokyo lives in the closet when not in use. It fits behind the backseat of my Mini Cooper. It gets huge comments. I saw a man at a CicLAvia event with two little girls riding Citizen Tokyos. He said the bikes will grow with the girls. How special is that?

Your bike is tuned and setup with the same level of care and attention you'd get from your local bike shop. Because we can pack the bikes folded and fully assembled, your bike will arrive to you ready to ride...and prepared with love.

Boaters love having a Citizen Bike on board. Pull into port, pull out your folding bikes and have a full featured bicycle to take you wherever you want to go. Explore or run errands, Citizen Bike has a model that will fit needs and your boat.

Private pilots and travelers enjoy the convenience and portability of a Citizen Bike. Stowed conveniently in the hold of even the smallest aircraft, a folding bike still leaves room for other gear. So, wherever you may land, Citizen Bike has you covered for your global adventures.

We've got lots of friends making cool things with two wheels. Even though we're totally biased toward anything that folds, if you're looking for something full-sized, you can't beat the rad features of STUDIO bikes. Check them out!

At the end of 2021 we initiated a process of upgrading all Brompton Electric bikes with two important design upgrades. Since this action, we have received reports of issues with the mudguard on some Brompton Electric bikes which has resulted in injury.

Beagle Bicycle Co., the premier source for Montague bikes in the Toronto area, consistently creates some of the most interesting custom Montague builds. Unlike other folding bikes with small wheels and many proprietary parts, Montague bikes use full-size wheels and...

The roots of folding bikes date back to the turn of the 20th century when it was used in the military thanks to their ability to strap them to the backs of soldiers, or onto parachutes and the like. Apparently, portability is built into the folding bike DNA.

There are now dozens of brands offering folding bikes with options including e-bikes, belt drives, chains, full-size, super lightweight, and more. There are also different types of folds and much more to consider.

The bikes themselves operate similarly to a regular bicycle despite having smaller wheels and an altered geometry. The concept is the same, pedal and go, brake and stop. Although some might think at first blush that the small wheels and components might mean the bikes are quite a bit slower than a traditional bicycle but that is not necessarily the case. 041b061a72


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