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Detective Girl Of The Steam City Free Download

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Detective Girl of the Steam City Free Download

She stays in the steam city; the city is currently facing an industrial revolution. So in the largely populated city where there are different types of criminals and their conspiracies, thus the city needs a detective to solve the mysteries so Sophie is there to reveal all the secrets of Steam City.

The story features Sophie who is a private detective staying in Steam City which is facing the Industrial Revolution. The growing city comprises various types of people like workers, merchants, industrialists, and residing citizens. The largely populated city is also having severe criminals and their conspiracies and for this reason, Sophie is the savior to save Steam City from all the enemies. Thus Sophie will undercover some severe criminals and various mysteries of Steam City through her investigations and mastermind tactics.

The Detective girl of Steam city is based on the girl Sophie who is a self-investigator, to solve various mysteries of Steam City. The girl stays in Steam City; the city is also facing the Industrial Revolution. So in this largely populated city, there are several criminals and conspiracies which Sophie needs to solve the mysteries. The game is having various features which we will discuss below, they are as follows:

The game is based on Sophie who is residing in Steam City and she is a private detective but not like Sherlock Holmes. In a largely populated city, she has gone out to solve various mysteries and reveal many undiscovered secrets of Steam City.

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Detective Girl of the Steam City features a variety of upgrade items. For example, night vision goggles are better for getting through a dark sewer, a grappling hook for getting into hard-to-reach places, and a steam fist for boosting your punches. Attack by the latter resembles magic, instead of spells only pumping stations are used. During the operation, the girl can be raped. There are also erotic scenes with bosses, to open them you have to lose to the enemy. Of course, for further progress in the game you have to return to the place and you have already won. There is more than one finale here, there are 2 alternative endings available.

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Sophie is a private investigator not unlike Sherlock Holmes. She resides in the Steam City, a metropolis going through an industrial revolution.In this growing city with a huge population, there are many different kinds of people; industrialists, workers, merchants, and your average citizens.However, within any big city, there are always criminals and conspiracies. The Steam City will need a detective on the case!It'll be up to Sophie to uncover the mysteries of the Steam City through her investigations.What mysteries and intrigue await her?Find out in this Steam Punk RPG brought to you in native English!FeaturesA Classic RPG ExperienceA Big City to ExploreSide QuestsMultiple Supporting CharactersAnd a Variety of Enemies!

Sherlock Holmes is nothing like Detective Girl of the Steam City . Sophia, a private detective, resides in Steam City, which is undergoing a huge industrial revolution. This expanding city is also seeing population expansion. A large number of labourers, industrialists, and merchants exist in addition to the general population. Criminals and conspiracies cannot be ignored in such a rapidly rising metropolis. Steam City is in desperate need of a detective. Play as Sophia, a detective who conducts thorough investigations.

Description:You take the role of Sophie, she's the daughter of famous detective in London - Steam City, and she wants to become as famous as he is. Police came to the office of her dad while he wasn't there and Sophie offered her help in some strange case. Help her to solve all mysteries of this city. All this reminds us stories of Sherlock Holmes.Version: Updated: 2023-01-26, Posted: 2019-08-25. Request for an Update! 041b061a72


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