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Where To Buy Good Pillows

At, we conduct extensive first-person experience tests on all but a select few products. This hands-on approach allows us to provide accurate, data-driven recommendations for mattresses, pillows, sheets, and other sleep essentials.

where to buy good pillows

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The Latex Pillow is competitively priced, and Saatva offers substantial discounts if you include two pillows with your purchase. Queen and king sizes are available. Shipping is free for customers in the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada. Your order includes a 45-night sleep trial and a 1-year warranty against structural and material defects.

Each density has a different construction, but we found all three pillows quite moldable and snuggly. The chambered design also helps maintain a full shape. That said, Brooklinen recommends daily fluffing to distribute the fill. While the down retains some heat, the breathable cover promotes cooling and none of our testers found the pillows overly warm.

Each of the three Brooklinen Down Pillows has a unique construction. The Plush design only contains down, creating an exceptionally soft surface for your head and neck. Mid-Plush pillows are structured with feather cores and down outer chambers. Since feathers provide better support, this design provides excellent cushioning without sinking too much. The Firm pillow also has a chambered design, but with a higher ratio of feathers to elevate your head even further.

If you enjoy the feel of foam pillows but tend to overheat on them, the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is designed with several cooling features that reduce heat retention while still offering the comfort and contouring benefits of foam. Shoppers willing to spend a bit more on a thoughtfully constructed pillow may want to consider this pick.

The Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow is a carefully constructed pillow that emulates the look and feel of high-quality hotel pillows. Our tests show that the mostly down construction has a luxuriously plush feel that suits a wide array of sleepers.

The Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow is composed of three chambers. The soft pillow contains down in all three chambers to provide a plush, lofty feel. The medium and firm pillows contain feathers and down in the inner chambers, surrounded by a layer of down. This design enhances support in the core while keeping the surface soft and fluffy. The shell is composed of 100% cotton.

If you enjoy soft pillows but live with down allergies or prefer not to buy animal-based products, down alternative pillows should meet all of your criteria. The FluffCo Down Alternative Pillow is a standout due to its high-quality construction. Plush microfiber fill cradles the head and neck without sinking excessively, while the cotton shell adds to the softness and promotes airflow to help you sleep cool.

Our team at Sleep Foundation has tested hundreds of pillows in order to determine the best models for every type of sleeper. Each pillow undergoes the same extensive testing process, during which we examine and handle the pillow to assess performance areas such as shape retention, moldability, and overall support. We also consider weight, firmness, ease of care, and pricing when assigning pillow ratings. Our test team is comprised of sleepers with various sleep preferences and body types. This helps ensure that our testing represents a wide array of sleepers.

Off-Gassing: Certain pillows made with synthetic materials may initially off-gas volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. VOCs are relatively harmless and the odors eventually dissipate, but some people may find them unpleasant at first. Our testers use a VOC meter to detect off-gassing odors in pillows.

You should consider many factors when pillow shopping. First, your personal sleep position preference heavily influences which pillows best fit your body. Of course, many shoppers are limited by a budget. Keep these factors at the forefront of your mind while examining your pillow options.

Cotton covers tend to be more breathable than polyester. Different cover materials feel different to the touch, but the feel is less important since most customers use pillow cases over their pillows.

Most experts recommend replacing a synthetic-filled pillow every two to three years, and memory foam every two. Down pillows are good for about a decade, if you take care of them properly; poly-cluster options can last almost as long. Beyond that, pillows tend to lose their shape and become less supportive. Aging, unprotected pillows are also more likely to accumulate allergy triggers, such as dust mite debris.

Our full reviews of this year's best pillows are further down, with a detailed FAQ on how to care for your pillows and the difference between down, feather, cotton, memory foam, synthetic fibre and hybrid pillows. If you're in a hurry, here's a quick look at our top five:

A flattened pillow from too much usage could put strain on your neck and shoulders, so experts recommend pillows should be replaced every two years. (If you're struggling with a bad back or neck, it could be worth reading our separate guide to the best pillows for side sleepers. We have a guide to the best mattresses for back pain, too.)

Dust mites and other allergens can also accumulate in pillows if you neglect to wash and replace your pillows regularly. One study from the University of Manchester found that the average pillow that has been used for more than 18 months contains at least a million fungal spores.

For this test we worked our way through a constant rotation of new pillows, looking for those that will help you sleep better. The first thing we learned is that material is an important factor in the pillow you choose. Broadly speaking, there are four types that you need to know about: washable cotton, luxurious down, memory foam for support and modern microfibre. See the FAQ at the bottom of this article for a full explanation of the pros and cons of each.

This Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow is soft - but that's not to say it also doesn't suit side sleepers, who are traditionally better suited to firmer pillows. With so much height, I found wherever I lay, I still felt the support of the double layered cushioning inside, and importantly my head stayed aligned with my body.

The pillow casing contains two pillows inside, one of which is slightly firmer, and one slightly softer, meaning you can flip the cushion based on your preference. Alternatively you can remove a pillow to adjust the firmness and height. In short, it's completely adaptable to just about any sleeping type - other than perhaps those who really do favour a really firm pillow.

I'll admit, I'm usually a firm pillow fan myself, but the sheer height of this pillow means my neck does not feel stiff in the morning after a night sleeping on my side. It's one of the fluffiest down-alternative pillows you'll find.

The filling is sealed into the pillow. On one hand, this means the cover has to be hand washed instead of thrown in the washing machine, but on the upside, there are no zips sticking out as with some of the other pillows I tested.

Panda London is justifiably proud of its sustainability efforts: it uses organic bamboo from sustainable sources that is free from pesticides; and as well as using recycled and recyclable packaging, it offers a recycling programme and will collect your old Panda pillows free of charge. It also offer a 30-night trial and 10-year warranty as standard.

I've spent half my life in search of pillow that'll stop me snoring. For years I thought my ultra-firm, heavy memory foam pillow was doing the trick, until my wife informed me it definitely was not. Since then I've been using adjustable-height pillows like the Emma Premium above and the Simba Hybrid firm below, with mixed results.

This boutique bedding business began by selling to luxury hotels before opening sales directly to consumers. While the most premium pillows traditionally use goose down, I was a huge fan of this squashy and supportive duck down pillow.

Simba's new hybrid firm pillow has cracked it. Where their standard hybrid pillow, ranked number one in this review, can be made thicker or thinner by adding or subtracting foam cubes but remains quite soft, this has three removable layers inside it: two soft pillows made of their Renew synthetic down, and one very firm and springy pillow made of Aerocoil.

This obviously means you can vary the height, but you can also make it more supportive by placing the Aerocoil layer on top, softer by placing it on the bottom, or medium-firm by placing it in the middle. Personally, my perfect arrangement is to have the Aerocoil on top and one of the soft pillows removed.

You've heard of heated electric blankets, but did you know you can also buy heated pillows? Stoov was founded in 2014 by Teun Van Leijsen, who invented the heated pillows as a way to help keep his pregnant wife comfortable. Stoov uses long-wave infrared heating technology (far-infrared or FIR) which means it heats objects and people rather than surrounding air.

The general rule is that as long as it's not memory foam, you can shove it in the washing machine with the rest of your bed linens. This can vary for feather and down pillows, some of which are professional clean only, so do make sure to check the washing instructions when you get a new set.

I decided it was time to buy a new pillow, and I absolutely didn't want to support that MAGA Lindell guy. I hear his pillows aren't actually very good, anyway. Luckily for me, some friendly and thoughtful folks decided to start a pillow company. Even better, the pillows are really good.

In my testing, I noticed that many pillows took hours to dry, or smelled funny after a wash. This pillow took an extra dryer cycle, but that was better than an extra two cycles that other memory foam pillows required. Plus, with a 100 day trial period, you can easily return the Coop Home Goods if it's not to your liking.

Of all the down options that I tried, the best was Parachute Down Pillow. It comes in three firmness options: soft, medium and firm. (For this pillow and all the down pillows that had firmness options, I tried the medium firm one). Most down pillows I tried had these options, which is a bonus if you prefer the softness and warmth of down but would like a firmer choice. 041b061a72


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