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Love HurtsHouse M.D. : Season 1 Episode 20

Love Hurts is a 1st season episode of House which first aired on May 10, 2005. When House snaps at a patient in the clinic, the patient appears to suffer a stroke as a result of the confrontation. To avoid legal trouble, he agrees to take the patient's case. However, when none of the easy answers are right and the patient gets worse, House has to push past the patient's lies to find the right diagnosis.

Love HurtsHouse M.D. : Season 1 Episode 20

The title perfectly sums up the primary theme of the episode - that love and relationships usually come with either physical or emotional pain. In this episode, it appears everyone in a relationship can only avoid one type by turning to another.

On many fan websites and forums, it has been voted as not just a highlight of the first season, but the highlight. Many go so far as to name it a highlight of its era in television. The praise is not limited to fans of the show. The episode was a factor in the series winning a Peabody Award for 2005, and it was awarded an Emmy for "Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series." (As television is a writer's medium, this is considered the highest honor the Emmys can bestow upon an episode of a dramatic series.) 041b061a72


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