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Reservoir Dogs (1992)0

Methods: The study was designed in three steps and performed with 20 dogs: first, construction of a cervical esophagostomy to measure the antroduodenal motility and gastric pH-metry as validation step. The manometry was performed by means of a six point electronic manometry probe and both manometry and pH-metry were recorded during 4 hours. Second, the stomach's pacemaker region and gastric reservoir were resected by videolaparoscopy. Third, the antroduodenal motility and gastric pH-metry were measured again.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)0

Results: In the validation step, there was established a typical dogs' antroduodenal motility pattern, with a three-shaped interdigestive motility complex (IMC) (phases 1 to 3); the gastric pH-metry showed a baseline at pH 1,15. After partial gastric resection, overall there was an increase in contractions' frequency, an increase in phase 2 and a decrease in phase 3 participation on the IMC's. Regarding the gastric pH measurements, there was an increase in pH intervals 0-1 and 1-2 and a decrease in pH intervals 6-7; overall, there was a decrease in the stomach's pH and a decrease in the prandial time. 041b061a72


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