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Chad Merritt
Chad Merritt

Mocha Teen Strip =LINK=

Kansas City, Kan., police arrested two teens wanted locally for dealing crack cocaine Monday morning during a routine traffic stop and are holding them for extradition. They told local authorities they also seized a gun stolen from Kennewick when they arrested Torrie "Mocha" Warren, 17, of 903 Highland Ave., and Andres Franklin, 18, of 3310 Chico Way, Bremerton.

mocha teen strip

Suspects then were taken to a large holding area, where corrections officers booked, fingerprinted and photographed them. Officers also conducted strip searches and gave suspects jail clothing before taking them to a "bullpen" to await transport to the jail. The jail kitchen had prepared sack lunches to feed the prisoners and the officers, who worked through the night. 041b061a72


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