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Sakura School Simulator: Everything You Need to Know About This Hilarious Game

Hello! This wiki is devoted to the game SAKURA School Simulator, an RPG and school simulation game published by Garusoft Development Inc. We encourage users in helping out to improve this wiki. IP accounts will be unable to edit, due to some IP accounts vandalising pages and spamming. If you'd like to contribute and edit the wiki, please make an account!

One day, pick up phone, i'm search "Sakura School Simulator" on Google Play, and i'm saw "Sakura School Simulator Bootleg"! The photo look hyper-realistic, the 2 girls with black soulless eyes with red pupils, sharp teeth and look very bloody. I'm download, the game start with logo but bloody, while menu but something wrong, the screen look very darker, characters are bloody, music playing in reversed and button new game changed to "Death", load game changed to "Go to hell" and select costume changed to "Changed killer", the costume icon look bloody. I'm press "Changed killer", is show black screen with some bloody japanese text is said "You changed your characters into killer!" i'm mean "What the hell? Why supposed be blood and gore in games?" I'm press "Death", it cut to loading screen, but, the text with glitch effect, bloody over the screen, while loading. Is start with Rina Tamaki standing in her house, but some creepy piano music from "Suicidemouse.avi" is playing in background all times, Rina is walking. Goes to school, everyone NPCs is normal. I'm changed Taiga Yuki, Taiga is walking. Goes to school like Rina. Rina going classroom 1-1. Taiga going classroom 2-1. Playing at Rina, press action interrupted by glitch effect and screams from "Fudd.wmv". My emotions is ruining in this point! I'm making tauntrum and crying! Playing at Taiga, is cut static for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds, is back to game, but in this time, the sky changed to red sky, props are bloody and music changed to "Aftermath" by Kevin MacLeod. The game got worse! Teleport to F1, goes to classroom 1-1. Press "Attack" and attack this NPC name "Rina Tamaki", blood effect, the blood sound effects, randoms screams from "Yandere Simulator", is say "FFFFUUUUFAWUGOTOHELL!" but text with glitch effect, characters, weapons and props got more bloody. YUCK!? This is very disgusting and violent! I'm vomit! Everyone in Classroom 1-1 are ducking except Ryuji, Takeo, Rina and Aoi are chased me and music changed to "Go!Animate OST - Void". After killing Ryuji, Takeo, Rina and Aoi, they are dead! But, dead body are bloody and body look very hyper-realistic. Teleport to school gate, talking to 11 students and Jiro, press "Wait", steal, drive the car, later killing and run over students in Classroom 1-1, Daiji and Jiro. Teleport to Yakuza (Himawari-Gumi), steal, drive the car, later killing 20 members and boss, some members are run over, dismemberment and gore ripped out because, they are got hurt by boss with a katana. YUCK!? I'm can't believe this! No! No! It had to be the most disturbing thing I had ever seen, no! After going toture room, where 2 members, this member getting restraint and final member in cell, attack, this member chased me, later kill them, hit final member, this member trying escape from cell, but door are lock, later killing them, fall to the floor, dead. And cut to static again, for 1 minute, after 1 minute, is back to game again, but in this time again, the sky changed to bloody background from "The Tsukihime/Melty" series, music finally stop and in the background you can hear random distorted murmuring, moaning and screaming sounds from Sally.exe, Suicidemouse.avi, Fudd.wmv, Red Mist, Yandere Simulator and Squidward's Suicide. Every 10 seconds, noise got more loud and louder and loudest. Aagh! This is worst part ever! It had to be the most disturbing thing I had ever heard, disturbing as hell! Teleport to Yakuza (Momo-Gumi). This first member greet me with "I love peaches!". Hit the first member, but, they are have rocket launcher, i'm got explosion by this first member, the corpse look mutilate, blood splatter and gore drop to the everywhere. YUCK!? AAGH!? That give me a nightmare! First member trying to kill me, but is commit suicide. Later 2 members got explosion by some member. Later 2 members spawn by boss. 20 minutes later 84 members spawn by boss. After killing 93 members and boss, all members and boss's corpses look mutilate because, they are got hurt by some members and boss with rocket launcher, finally noise stopped. Holy shit! After at police station where Iyo (Policewoman) and Kenriki (Policeman) are standing, later, steal, drive the police car, but Iyo and Kenriki started chased me, they are saying "Fuck you, you are arrest!", later killing and run over Iyo and Kenriki, 2 policemens, 2 policewomens and 2 AI police cars are arrived. Fuck! Later, 6 polices are dead, later, 2 AI police cars are broken, then, i'm going to kill everyone on various ways, everyone died, and i'm kill Taiga with rocket lanucher, Taiga died, damn, well, then, is cut to red static from Sonic.exe, is lasted for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes, goddamnit, something scary here, they showed hyper-realistic images of Rina Tamaki (now, is my sister named "Sara".) with black soulless eyes with red pupils, sharp teeth and bloody, she standing on darkness, that showed for 45 seconds, and then the red static flickred 3 times, and on the 3rd time it did the distorted and demonic Kefka laugh from Sonic.exe. Then it cuts to red static again but the noise being louder and more distorted for a good 10 seconds. Then it stopped and showed nothing but black screen. You hearing eerie tune from The Mr. Men Show: Blood. As I sat there staring at the black screen for 15 seconds, some Japanese text is said "You're next!" i'm hearing normal Kefka laugh, later 5 seconds. An echoing high tune rang from The Mr. Men Show: Blood, that heard for about 12 seconds. Later 13 seconds, the game ended and shut by itself. Holy shit! I'm have nightmare! I'm going my dad's house! Whew! I'm safey! I'm sleeping, i'm heard Kefka laugh, i'm check, i'm in abandoned school, Rina Tamaki have chainsaw and started chased me, i'm hiding in locker, Rina found me and i'm died! Don't playing this game because you get nightmare!

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