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Die Of A Broken Heart A Bridge Montage

This is the best known example, in which Optimus Prime infamously died of wounds from his battle with Megatron. Notably, his body turned gray as he died. The Transformers: The Movie Urban legend says his body also crumbled (sometimes only in an "uncut" version of the film), but no such footage is known to exist (presumably, people have mistaken Starscream's demise for Optimus, given Starscream did crumble into ash). Being the first time he died, it was actually unexpected. Hasbro have since regretted killing Optimus, not realizing how many heartbroken little boys were attached to him.[1]

Die of a Broken Heart | A Bridge Montage


Prime's death in The Transformers: The Movie was sort-of recreated in a flashback montage, but not really. Rather than die while taking down his ultimate nemesis in a one-on-one struggle to the death to defend his city, his comrades, the planet Earth, and freedom itself, he just kind of got randomly shot while in the middle of an ordinary battle outside of the Autobot Headquarters, and turned gray. Nobody else seemed to notice this. It's not clear that Prime himself noticed it. It's about the most half-hearted death ever. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky

A few years later, Nada died of a broken heart after Relja fell for another woman. Upon hearing the story, women in Vrnjacka Banja started inscribing their names and those of their partners on padlocks and locking them onto the railings of the bridge where Nada and Relja used to meet.

Benson: I'll take my chances. (clock transition to a montage of Benson out on the road in . The crashed car lays in the bed of the truck once it clears up, his monitor flashes to turn right, and he goes in that direction. Benson drives through the canyon through sun, rain and fog before he stops at a gas station. Benson then drives the truck across the bridge as the montage ends. He passes by a sign reads, "Cart Dealership, 1000 miles") Alright, Benson. (checks watch) You're making great time. (focuses back on the road) As long as you don't stop, you can get to the dealership with time to spare. (looks in rear-view mirror) And then, as soon as you get back to the park, you can fire... (Benson sees Mordecai and Rigby as they peep their heads into view from the car)...(slowly) Mordecai and RIGBY?!?! ARGH! (hits the brake. Seconds later, Benson is yelling at M&R outside of the truck) I can't believe this! I thought I told you idiots not to come! Does the word "not" not process into your thick skulls?!

Find and scan a poster of the Flying Graysons to solve the riddle. This poster can be found by scanning the wall on the left of the broken down bridge, where Vicki Vale was saved. Scan the wall to the left of the giant dice.

The protagonist in Miss Lonelyhearts has a more dismal end. In anattempt to offer salvation to the crippling throng of humanity that writeshim daily in the advice column of a big city newspaper, Miss Lonelyheartsbecomes a self-anointed crucifixion figure who dies tragically at the handsof someone he tried so desperately to help. Seeing "that the majority ofthe letters are profoundly humble pleas for moral and spiritual advice,that they are inarticulate expressions of genuine suffering," MissLonelyhearts transposes himself into the ivory Jesus he has spiked to hiswall. To him, the world has become "a world of door knobs." The grey sky"looked as if it had been rubbed with a soiled eraser. It held no angels,flaming crosses, olive-bearing doves, wheels within wheels. Only anewspaper struggled in the air like a kite with a broken spine." To West,the newspaper has replaced traditional modes of seeking solace andcompassion. Weighed in the balances of human suffering, the newspaper isfound wanting. Religion that once provided man with some sense of securityhas been replaced by a hollow media.

The central love story ends in heartbreak and, as a result, audiences walk away from the film feeling heartbroken. Most people still remember the utter anguish they felt after watching The Notebook or Titanic for the first time.

The spell was broken and Odette comes back to life. Derek says that he truly loves her for her courage and kindness and he has always truly loved her for that. At the end of the film, Derek and Odette are married and they become the future king and queen of the fair kingdom, uniting their kingdoms as Derek and Odette's parents hoped. Before going to the moonlight bridge, Derek and Odette make a promise to love each other for the rest of their lives and they romantically kiss as the credits start to roll.

With Uberta aka Madame La Quoix an Opera Singer and Lord Rogers aka CJ Pennypacker an inventor along with JeanBob, Puffin and Speed they all plan together how to defeat Fang. Li introduces Queen Uberta and Lord Rogers to his Father. Puffin, JeanBob and Speed are on they own Mission and go to Fang's Lair and they find something interesting a Holograph picture of Chen and Fang kissing. They deliver it to Derek and Odette and they meet Li to the Moonbridge. Li arrives quickly and he sees now that Fang and Chen are kissing each other on the Holograph picture. But Li informs them that his father has arranged the Wedding so that Mei Li and Chen get married as soon as possible. Li informs his father about it and he goes to the cave to take away Fang's Powers but Fang begs him not to do it and rotates the combination. Odette and Derek run into Fang and she imprisons them in the Royal Mural as a Picture frame unable to get out and no one can hear them but they can hear all. They witness Fang turning into Mei Li. Ru has taken the real Mei Li to the other part of the Empire and explaining to the old woman that Mei Li is a brave young Princess and everyone would be like her and he was her tutor and he witnessed how the spell on Chen was broken. A single tear was about to fall but it wouldn't come out from the portrait of Mei Li. While the wedding is about to start Queen Uberta sings a beautiful song with Mei Li was crying imagining her happy life with Chen. And then the tear falls and it freed Odette and Derek from the Mural interrupting the wedding. Ru also brings the real Mei Li outside while the fake Mei Li and Chen were about to wed as Chen almost lifted the Veil on Fang, which would've caused the real Mei Li's death, Odette tries to explain that the old woman is really Mei Li and she said: I believe you which frees Mei Li from Fang's evil spell and she and Chen are reunited again. Now Fang imprison almost everyone inside the Mural except Li, Mei Li, Odette and Yun Yan. Li runs into the cave trying to extinguish the sorcerer's flame, but he was unable. All witness Fang transforms into a giant Purple Fire breathing Fang Snake to kill Mei Li. Yun Yan a common girl helps Li defeat Fang by turning over a boiler and Odette wants to defeat Fang too but then Mei Li says: I'm the one you really want. Go ahead do your evil. Fang tries to attack Mei Li by burning her but Odette jumps into the flames to save Mei Li's life as a shock for Derek. 041b061a72


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