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[Maxi-Torrents.Pl] Doktor Strange

inspired by a conversation between Dirty Projectors band leader David Longstreth and Björk about the small theaters in Italy where opera was born in the 1500s, the original seven-song collection was written to be performed unamplified in a small Manhattan bookstore called Housing Works. The result feels like part children's story, part choral music from some strange future. It's unlike anything else in the Projectors' body of work: drums and guitars are all but absent. It's all about voices here and the voices are astonishing. Björk sounds seismic and elemental and Longstreth, sharing lead vocal duties, intones with his trademark croon. The Projectors' singers Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian and Haley Dekle add magical 3-part vocal harmonies.

[Maxi-Torrents.Pl] Doktor Strange

What do you get when you team the weirdest actor in Hollywood (one Crispin Hellion Glover) with two of the weirdest guys in pop music (Barnes & Barnes of "Fish Heads" fame)?Something, well, WEIRD! Like, really freaking strange. Fans of The Residents and King Missile might find something to groove to here, but really this provides a voyeuristic dive into the deep, dark waters of one of the true characters of modern times (Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves rock and roll crossover this ain't). Glover reads from his books of poetry ("Auto Manipulator" is about exactly what it sounds like it's about) over B&B's demented musical excursions. The result is a true cult classic, whose brief 1989 vinyl release remains impossibly scarce and impossibly pricey. Thus this first vinyl reissue (with three tracks never before on vinyl), in light blue with crimson "clowny clown clown" splatter vinyl limited to 2000 copies for Record Store Day! 12" x 18" poster and CD booklet featuring Glover's deeply disturbed comic book scribblings, too! (Don't bother calling the home phone number Crispin put on the back cover, it's disconnected).

Maximillian combined elements of beat poetry, a little bit of The Fugs, a hit of Funkadelic, a lick of Cream and a vibe of Hendrix worship with an ambition that seems to have jumbled these influences. The Maximillian album is a rare artifact of late-60s psychedelic rock whose appeal is not the skill of their musicianship, but the downright strangeness of it. While at times it sounds like the trio is playing entirely different songs at the same time, its said that producer Teddy Vann had a hand in the albums sometimes confusing production.

There's something intangible about Celeste, the Soundcarriers second album, originally released in 2010. It has a light, lucid quality, almost like driving exhausted through a strange city at night. Freeflowing yet tethered, dreamy yet attacking, the band continue the fight to reconcile competing impulses. Various threads just about keep the shimmering tapestry from tearing. Haunting folk melodies underpinned by rhythmic static and the physicality of the totally analogue recording and mixing, baroque keyboard counterpoints and sweeping arrangements. The opener Last Broadcast seems to encapsulate this but it's almost as if the album gets the angst out of its system with this track and is free to explore the quieter, less crowded back streets. After the smoke of Last Broadcast has cleared, the twisting road takes in the soft introspection of Hideaway and Morning Haze, both tracks morphing into heavy psyche grooves or the eastern tinged psyche funk of Signals and Rise And Fall. Or takes another turn with the tightly arranged opening segment of Long Highway. Somehow it still manages to fit in 60s pop gems like There Only Once.

At home in Buenos Aires, Clara hears strange voices coming from the plughole in her kitchen sink. The voices seem to be discussing a plan to kill her. That night, awakened by thumping sounds, Juan is terrified to find Clara's dead body hovering in midair in their bathroom, repeatedly slamming against the wall as if thrown by an invisible force.

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